You've Got Mail

Back when e-mail wasn't killing our ability to write freehand, and there were still a lot of trees to cut down to make paper, postmen played a much bigger role in society. But they were so poorly paid that they decided to go on strike in 1952, when the British were still in power...

Tipping the Scales

You've heard of Japan's tuna auction in Tsukiji, but back in the 1950s, the fish auction at Ellenborough market was something to behold. ...

Power Play

Next time your Wi-Fi router breaks down, remember this.

Hawkers' Centre

Back when packets of tissue paper were used to clean hands rather than reserve a table, hawkers were footloose and fancy free.

Strong As Steel

The literally street-stopping Indian festival of Thaipusam has a long and rich history in Singapore that goes back generations, as in the case of this devotee making his way to the Chettiar temple in Tank Road in the early 1950s.

Star Power

April 1951


The earliest reports of The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) operating in Singapore date as far back as 1878, when 84 cases of animal ill-treatment were reported, mainly of oxen, birds and ponies.

Remember Amber?

If you were rich in the 1950s and lived in Katong, you probably had a house in Amber Road, where many a rich Chinese towkay built beachfront tropical homes.

Fuss-free Duty-free

Gone are the days when travelling was a straightforward experience. Instead, the modern traveller is plagued by worries about securing the right type of visa, having enough luggage to see them through the trip (but not so much that they have to pay overweight fees) and of course, keeping their...

Hatched, Batched and Dispatched

BRUNCH just wouldn’t be the same without eggs. Scrambled, fried, poached, hard-boiled – no matter how they’re prepared, the debate nowadays is centred on free-range versus caged.

Classic Movie

Feb 1950

Route Awakening

BEFORE the MRT became our primary mode of public transportation, there was a humbler player in town - the trolley bus.

Cracking Pace

Oct 1952

Birth of a Station

Way, way before we had Netflix, there was, yes, good old television. It was Feb 15, 1963 and making his first ever television appearance was the late S Rajaratnam, who was Minister for Culture at the time. He was onscreen to launch the country's first TV station Television Singapura - the...

Wear & Tear

OPENING a new clothing boutique in the alreadyteeming Orchard Road is not for the faint-hearted, but Surrender at 268 Orchard (''SRD 268'') is up to the task. The 2,400 sq ft space aims to deliver a fresh retail experience through the interaction of space, music, fashion and art...

Unsung Heroes

March 16, 1986

Singapore Sweep

November 23, 1959

Marching Orders

Way before red and white became the dress code at National Day parades, it was come-as-you-are, wherever-you-are, as Singapore marked its first year of independence on Aug 9, 1966.

Flying High

Changi, what? Officially opened on Aug 20, 1955, Payar Lebar Airport was Singapore's international airport for 26 years, taking over from its predecessor, Kallang Airport...

New York State of Style

Known for more than just their monogrammed leather goods, global luxury house Louis Vuitton unveiled their men's Fall/Winter 2017 collection in Paris on Jan 20...

Jeffrey Liu

Fitness isn't a new concept by any means, but it isn't the easiest goal to achieve. Despite "exercising more often" being one of the most popular resolutions every year, it's not always the one people stick to. ...

Guiding Light

Unlike other scenes from the past that don't exist anymore, this one still does. Built in 1895 on the island of Selat Jurong, the Sultan Shoal Lighthouse is one of nine that still stand today, and one of five that are still in operation...

Special Delivery

Jan 1952 Before there was online shopping, there was the travelling salesman.

Cutting Edge Beauty

Mothers and daughters have always done girly things together. Sharing makeup; mani-pedi sessions; body scrubs at the spa. Now add cosmetic surgery into the mix as families talk about breast implants and eyebag removal as easily as discussing which college to apply to.

Having A Great Time

There was a time long ago when Great World City was not a shopping centre but the sprawling carnival grounds of the Great World Amusement Park.