Reborn and rebooted

BREAKING up is hard to do, as Neil Sedaka's 1975 hit song says. The move to cleave the US$110 billion-a-year Hewlett Packard in half in November 2015 couldn't have come lightly. ...

Uphill task to boost workplace diversity, inclusion

MORE needs to be done to get businesses to embrace inclusion and diversity in the workplace, but experts see it as an uphill task.

Still more work to be done to push for inclusion and diversity in workplaces: study

MORE needs to be done to get businesses to embrace inclusion and diversity in the workplace, but experts see it as an uphill task.

Singapore welcomes US move to rejoin TPP, but economists ask if it's for real

WHILE Singapore welcomes the US rejoining the Trans Pacific free trade pact, private-sector economists here are sceptical about President Donald Trump's sharp reversal of his country's pull-out of the agreement, made days after he assumed the presidency...

Good timing

IF NOT FOR THE CLEAR reminders that you're at Baselworld 2018, you might think that many of the big brands at this pivotal watch fair were holding exhibitions of their museum timepieces. ...

Going the vintage way

Vacheron Constantin is stepping up its presence in the world of vintage watches.

Watches of the future

Patek Philippe’s Advanced Research incorporates all things avant-garde into its luxury timepieces.

Enterprise Singapore: One-stop help hub

ENTERPRISE Singapore will be a one-stop help centre for companies of all sizes and at different stages of growth.

Wrist watch

ON the set of the World World II movie Fury, Logan Lerman, the youngest member of the cast, was given a watch to track various activities during the film's rehearsals. Brad Pitt, the star of the 2014 movie, said one day Lerman returned and told him the watch had stopped. "I said: '...

More luxe brands going for big time in resale

YET another big name in Swiss watches has jumped into the fast-growing resale market for timepieces.

Singapore Budget 2018: Employment Act to cover all workers by April 1, 2019

THE government is moving to drop the salary cap in the Employment Act so that it covers all workers - including professionals, managers and executives.

Singapore Budget 2018: SMEs laud new scheme to put global skills in local hands

SMALL and medium enterprises (SMEs) have given the thumbs-up to the government's funding support to speed up the transfer of global expertise to local workers, describing the vehicle for the support - the Capability Transfer Programme (CTP) - as "useful"...

Government will co-fund transfer of foreign expertise; Employment Act widened

THE good news for employers is they will soon get funding support from government to speed up the transfer of foreign expertise to local workers - and they can keep foreign workers on their payroll longer.

Sneak Peek

BaselWorld 2018, which opens its doors in a month's time in Switzerland's third biggest city, will be much smaller - reports say it will be half the size it was last year - as many of the exhibitors at the watch fair have jumped ship to its rival Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie...

Game Master

The bosses of the Olympic Games must have valued Omega a lot as a timekeeper to keep it on the job for so long - 86 years, with at least another 14 to go to make it 100 years.

Cortina closes almost all its watch outlets in Wisma Atria

CORTINA Holdings has shut virtually all its watch boutiques in Wisma Atria in Orchard Road, after what is believed to be the local watch retailer's failure to renew their leases at lower rentals...

Singapore Budget 2018: Maid levy to go up from April 2019

COME April 1 next year, the monthly levy for foreign maids will rise from S$265 to S$300 for the first maid hired and to S$450 for the second.

Singapore Budget 2018: S$190m yearly to boost philanthropy

THE government will allocate about S$190 million yearly to support boosters that will lift the spirit of giving.

Singapore Budget 2018: Bigger handouts under enhanced Proximity Housing Grant

SINGLES who buy a resale public housing flat to live near their parents will now receive S$10,000 under the enhanced Proximity Housing Grant (PHG) scheme.

Singapore Budget 2018: S$550m increase in spending on health and social services

THE government will integrate its health and social services for seniors, and spend S$550 million more to better serve the needs of ageing Singaporeans.

Time For A Change

GENEVA'S ANNUAL LUXURY WATCH fair keeps getting bigger, thanks to young independent brands that are making their presence known...

Inspiration From Isolation

AUDEMARS PIGUET failed to get into the upscale watch industry's highly exclusive billion Swiss franc sales club in 2017 by just a whisker. But it was so close that its executives are confident this year will be a shoo-in...

Timeless brillance

"Affordable luxury" is now the mantra of luxe watch brands, but some have managed to buck the trend...

Limited Time For The Ladies

Spurred by the #MeToo movement, women are in the spotlight - but not at last month's Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) luxury watch show...

Uptick in luxury watch sales in 2017

EXPORTS of Switzerland's luxury watches to Singapore, like its watch shipments to the rest of the world, are picking up after two years of decline...