Philanthropy for the aged

AGEING has not traditionally been a popular cause for philanthropists in Southeast Asia. However, the issue is becoming more difficult to ignore, particularly in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, which will face an increasingly ageing population in the next few decades.

Clean and green solutions

NEUTO Intelligent Hydrogen System is a patented solution that removes microscopic carbon layers in hard-to-reach places - such as air manifolds, piston rings, valves, and spark plugs - with pure dry hydrogen gas.

Greening the office environment

RICOH Asia Pacific actively develops sustainable businesses in line with its mission to protect the environment by implementing measures against climate change and improving resource productivity through its business activities.

Good corporate citizens

Business Times:Why is sustainability important to your business and how has your organisation benefited from pursuing it?

Boosting the triple bottom line

In today's business world, more companies are embracing the fact that sustainability is not only good for the environment and the communities they operate in, but beneficial to the bottom line as well...

A roadmap to superior performance

THREE first-time winners were honoured at this year's Business Excellence Awards, recognised for their superior performance across key aspects of their organisations...

Going green the smart way

TO help a customer transport live ornamental fish, industrial packaging company Greenpac re-engineered a container in such a way that even if one air pocket gets damaged during shipment, it would not compromise the integrity of the entire packaging.

Redesigning for superior results

WHEN the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) wanted to get more soon-to-be retirees to attend a CPF retirement planning service, it simplified the letter that it sent out to its target audience, adding some personalised information in the process.

Where innovation and clarity dictate the success recipe

WITH its diverse food offerings targeting different customer groups, Select Group has created many innovative concepts to woo diners. For instance, its Straits Food Village food court located in Changi Airport Terminal 2 features self-ordering kiosks and a centralised kitchen, a concept that won it...

Added power from digital technology

MONITORING energy use has never been easier for Singaporeans with an app that helps them track their utilities consumption, make transactions on the go and get timely reminders on bill payment. The mobile app from SP Utilities also allows customers to compare their usage to that of their neighbours...

Giving an edge to S'pore's defence

WHETHER it is investing in its people, fostering innovation or investing in capabilities, the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) is committed to continuously improving its performance.

Boosting standards with technology

TO deal with persistent manpower challenges, food-catering company Neo Group has adopted technology to automate its processes and ramp up its productivity, while ensuring the consistent quality of its food.

The vanguard of innovation

AMID a fast evolving technology sector, this year's SiTF Awards honoured Singapore enterprises that are at the forefront of today's digital revolution. The awards from the Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) recognises local companies that have developed solutions through the...

SiTF changes with the times

IN a bid to remain relevant, the Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) is refreshing its brand with a new name to reflect the increasing digitisation of companies in Singapore and to ensure that the tech industry continues to have a significant voice.

Not just fun and games for Clown Blox

WHEN four Temasek Polytechnic students worked on a school project to create a game that combines programming and game design, they probably never expected it to end up as an award-winning solution.

Singtel offers an effortless shopping journey for customers

WITH just a few clicks on their chosen device, Singtel customers can now compare products, check for stock availability, or make a purchase and get the items delivered to their doorstep.

Future-proof your finance capability amid digital disruption

IT is widely recognised today that the job of a finance professional goes beyond that of merely keeping the books. They are increasingly being seen as a business partner, providing strategic insights that help drive or influence key decisions in an organisation, while playing a vital role in...

Staying one step ahead of risk

WHETHER it's geopolitical tension affecting the markets you operate in or a new technology threatening to upend your industry, dealing with risk in one form or another is unavoidable in the business world...

Growing beyond finance function

CHIEF financial officers (CFOs) may be viewed by most as the moneymen of an organisation, balancing books and issuing cheques, but increasingly they are also key players in executing a company's growth strategy...

Staying ahead of the competition

DESPITE its success so far on the international stage, Singapore's maritime sector has to deal with the challenges of a fast changing global economy and growing competition in the region to maintain its leadership position...

Closing the talent gap

AS new technologies continue to transform the maritime sector in Singapore, many of the new jobs created by the industry in the coming years will be more knowledge intensive, even as existing roles transform into higher skilled ones.

Tackling challenges the tech way

WHEN customers wanted to book a vessel from Singapore-based Kanlian Ferry in the past, they would call the company and have their order taken down by pen and paper.

Creating an enduring impact

VERONICA Colondam is not afraid to set the bar high when it comes to her philanthropic endeavours. The CEO and founder of Indonesia's YCAB Foundation wants the organisation's programmes to reach no less than five million young people in Indonesia by 2020. ...

A hand up rather than hand-out

PHILANTHROPIC foundations in Asia are going beyond mere giving and are introducing innovative methods to improve education in the region. This is significant as a vast body of evidence shows that education is the best way to help the least privileged in society.

Giving more impactfully to education

EDUCATION is widely viewed as a key driver of long-term social impact in Asia, and as such has been a popular area of focus for many philanthropists in the region. In recent times, educational philanthropists are increasingly targeting innovative projects that help marginalised and deprived...