Future-proof your finance capability amid digital disruption

IT is widely recognised today that the job of a finance professional goes beyond that of merely keeping the books. They are increasingly being seen as a business partner, providing strategic insights that help drive or influence key decisions in an organisation, while playing a vital role in...

Staying one step ahead of risk

WHETHER it's geopolitical tension affecting the markets you operate in or a new technology threatening to upend your industry, dealing with risk in one form or another is unavoidable in the business world...

Growing beyond finance function

CHIEF financial officers (CFOs) may be viewed by most as the moneymen of an organisation, balancing books and issuing cheques, but increasingly they are also key players in executing a company's growth strategy...

Staying ahead of the competition

DESPITE its success so far on the international stage, Singapore's maritime sector has to deal with the challenges of a fast changing global economy and growing competition in the region to maintain its leadership position...

Closing the talent gap

AS new technologies continue to transform the maritime sector in Singapore, many of the new jobs created by the industry in the coming years will be more knowledge intensive, even as existing roles transform into higher skilled ones.

Tackling challenges the tech way

WHEN customers wanted to book a vessel from Singapore-based Kanlian Ferry in the past, they would call the company and have their order taken down by pen and paper.

Creating an enduring impact

VERONICA Colondam is not afraid to set the bar high when it comes to her philanthropic endeavours. The CEO and founder of Indonesia's YCAB Foundation wants the organisation's programmes to reach no less than five million young people in Indonesia by 2020. ...

A hand up rather than hand-out

PHILANTHROPIC foundations in Asia are going beyond mere giving and are introducing innovative methods to improve education in the region. This is significant as a vast body of evidence shows that education is the best way to help the least privileged in society.

Giving more impactfully to education

EDUCATION is widely viewed as a key driver of long-term social impact in Asia, and as such has been a popular area of focus for many philanthropists in the region. In recent times, educational philanthropists are increasingly targeting innovative projects that help marginalised and deprived...

Building ties over the years

FOR many decades now, the go-to expert on China affairs in Singapore has been Wang Gungwu. The internationally renowned educator and scholar has a long career studying Chinese politics, migration, nationalism and the overseas Chinese diaspora.

Giving with the head as well

THE business of charitable giving is changing as more progressive philanthropists focus not merely on giving to worthy causes, but ensuring that the impact of their investments is both effective and measurable.

Promoting a culture of reading

DURING a tour of his former primary school in his hometown in China, philanthropist James Chen was surprised by the poor state of the library.

Man enough to make a difference

AFTER a career spanning almost two decades in the world of investment banking and private equity working in New York, London and Hong Kong, Edward Man sought to do something that was less about enriching his clients and more about making a difference to the world.

The race is on to stay relevant in financial services

AS new technologies disrupt traditional ways of delivering financial services to consumers, Singapore is working to ensure that it is among the top financial technology, or fintech, hubs in the world.

Updating a roadmap for excellence

SIX Singapore organisations were honoured last week for their superior performance and commitment to excellence under Spring Singapore's Business Excellence (BE) framework. The framework provides organisations with a roadmap to achieving outstanding results. Participants are measured against...

Raising their game

SINCE its launch in 1994, the Business Excellence (BE) initiative has helped thousands of local organisations assess their current performance and what they need to do to improve it. This assessment is performed against the requirements of an internationally benchmarked framework.

Upholding a common set of values

GOOD leadership is one of the key factors contributing to DBS Bank's achieving overall business excellence...

Getting the right skills

NEW disruptive technologies are fuelling a revolution in the global workplace. Automation is displacing traditional jobs, even as new ones are being created to service an innovation-led economy. Indeed, some 65 per cent of primary school students will end up working in jobs that don't exist...

At the top of their class

PRIVATE education institutions (PEIs) that offer degree and postgraduate programmes in Singapore have come under the spotlight recently, after a survey showed that their graduates took longer to find employment and commanded lower salaries than those from public universities.

The sky's the limit for AirAsia

HE dares to be different in the skies with a philosophy that his budget airline has to always put bums in seats and that's why AirAsia is the soaring talk of the town...

Keeping the family spirit alive

KEEPING the business in the family is a personal, as much as a professional, priority for diversified conglomerate Jebsen & Jessen (SEA).

Leadership in the digital age

THE business landscape has changed rapidly in recent years, as companies struggle with the rise of digital and disruptive technologies that are radically altering their industries. To thrive in such an environment, organisations are rushing to groom a new generation of leaders who are able to...

Rolling with the punches

WITH companies around the world facing challenges on multiple fronts, many consider current business conditions to be the toughest in recent years. Whether it is due to slowing external demand, technology-fuelled disruption to traditional industries or rising costs, many firms are struggling to...

Finding the tools to succeed

WHETHER it is accountants and lawyers trying to create more value for their clients or manufacturers and retailers looking to boost efficiency, businesses across the corporate landscape are leveraging powerful digital tools to achieve their organisational goals.