A saucy tale

FOR more than a decade now, my husband has been harping on about how "ketchup in Singapore tastes different from ketchup in Canada" (his birthplace). Each time, I've rolled my eyes and said something to the effect of: "Dude, you're nuts. Ketchup is ketchup."...

Cake it till you make it

I'VE NEVER been a fan of angmoh-style cakes; I much prefer local, soupy desserts such as ice kacang, cheng tng, orh nee, tau suan, pulut hitam... I could truly go on forever...

Seow-Leow, lah

"ARE you double-barrelling your surname? Please tell me you're not double-barrelling your surname," a friend recently pleaded over lunch...

Straphangers, unite

HAVE you ever wondered why MRT grab handles are swingy, instead of fixed?

When fuzzy logic meets crispy bacon

ONE of my favourite moments from university was in a dank NUS seminar room: I was listening to a philosophy professor list - seemingly endlessly - all the ways an argument could appear logical, but actually be utterly fallacious.

Need to 'test' your boyfriend? Taobao shows you how

"YOU can get anything from Taobao, Kelly," a friend declared last week, aghast at my China e-commerce virginity...

Crappily crafted cisterns

DO the buttons on dual-flush toilets annoy you as much as they do me? You know, where one round button is split into two half-moons - one to denote a less water-intensive flush (for a, well, less-intensive bodily excretion), and the other to denote a heavier cleanse?

Addicted to YouTube? Watch this, not that

ADMIT it. It's not something you're proud of, but each night, you stay up way later than you should - lying in bed in your darkened room, face eerily lit by the glow of your iPhone, powerless against the pull of yet another random YouTube video (which really is the last one for the night...

Talking cock in the Year of the Rooster

SOMETHING I've been thinking about, amid the pineapple tarts and bak kwa: Is it just me, or have roosters gotten the short end of the stick, at least in the English language? I mean, how many other birds -- or animals, for that matter - have such a smutty double entendre for a secondary name?...

CFE expectations need to be set right

AS Singaporeans bid a sluggish 2016 adieu, expectations are running high for the Committee on the Future Economy's (CFE) report - expected later this month - to be the panacea for all economic ills...

Farewell, journo lingo

I REMEMBER stepping into The Business Times newsroom six years ago, wondering what on earth I had gotten myself into: an English Literature major, allergic to numbers, going into financial journalism.

We wish you a wacky Christmas

THINK Christmas starts and ends with jolly old St Nicholas? Lean your ear this way, friends, for this festive season, BT's Offbeat column lives up to its name - by sharing some of the weirdest Christmas characters ever known to man. Enjoy! (Or not.)...

The Marketer

CHUCK Brymer is a man who has his priorities sorted - whether in his professional life as president and CEO of DDB Worldwide, or in his personal life as a husband and father of four. On the professional front, the advertising agency made waves earlier this year when it announced - through an op-ed...

Singapore's Nov inflation creeps up to 0% - first non-negative reading in 2 years

SINGAPORE'S November headline inflation was flat at 0 per cent in year-on-year terms - exactly in line with the market's expectation, and the first non-negative reading in two years...

Keep the trolls on Facebook

EVERY election year, I witness an unfriending frenzy unfold on my Facebook feed. In 2016, it was mostly my American friends who were on a purging rampage - "If you're dumb enough to vote for Trump, you're really not worth my time" - the year before, it was my fellow countrymen...

Economists slash GDP growth expectations once more

FOR the sixth consecutive time, private-sector economists have cut Singapore's 2016 growth forecast - this time to just 1.4 per cent. They have also trimmed 2017's projection to 1.5 per cent, evaporating any hopes for a marked improvement next year...

Economists again cut 2016 Singapore growth forecast to 1.4%

THE Singapore economy is projected to expand 1.4 per cent this year, according to private-sector economists polled by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) - marking yet another paring of growth forecasts.

A bladder way to pee

HARK, fellow women, for equality is here - thanks to female urination devices (FUDs), we can now pee standing up, too. I get that this isn't the most genteel of topics to broach, but as that Singaporean saying goes: good things must share. And believe me, this thing really must share...

S'pore economy could expand 2.3% in 2017: Deutsche Bank

THE Singapore economy could expand 2.3 per cent year on year in 2017, with a further rise to 3 per cent in 2018, said Deutsche Bank in a report this week. Still, it cautioned that "such a growth increment (is) hardly any reason to cheer about" given the country's steady deceleration...

Trump-linked uncertainty affecting Apac's outlook: S&P

WITH many key US policies remaining undefined under President-elect Donald Trump, an unusual amount of uncertainty is hanging over the economic outlook for the Asia-Pacific, said S&P Global Ratings on Wednesday.

Biggest change to Apac's outlook is Trump-related uncertainty: S&P Global Ratings

TRUMP-RELATED uncertainty - that's the biggest change to the Asia-Pacific's economic outlook, said S&P Global Ratings in a report on Wednesday...

PSLE lessons that matter

MY parents were sitting at the back of the school hall when they saw me burst into tears. "What happened?!," they asked with horror, after weaving through what felt like a never-ending scrum of jubilant pupils and parents. This was, after all, a high-stakes day - the day my PSLE (primary...

Singapore's manufacturing PMI expands to 50.2 in November

SINGAPORE'S manufacturing sector recorded its third month of expansion in November, turning in a slightly better reading than expected...

The hamster honcho

OF all the things that are interesting about an entrepreneur's life, it's not how they made it big that intrigues me most; it's how they started small...

Riverstone's Q3 profit sinks 15.6% to RM29.8m; revenue jumps 10.9%

A DROP in the average selling price of healthcare gloves caused Riverstone Holdings' gross profit margin to slump in its third quarter...