Wednesday, 23 July, 2014

Published July 16, 2014
Foreigners buy US$19b in US securities in May: Treasury

[NEW YORK] Foreigners bought more than US$19 billion in US long-term securities in May, including Treasuries and corporate bonds, after selling debt in April, the US Treasury Department said on Wednesday.

Including short-term debt and banking inflows, however, overseas investors purchased US$35.5 billion, of which US$22.4 billion was from foreign official institutions.

The largest purchasers of US debt were Japan and China, who bought US$10.4 billion and US$7.7 billion in debt, respectively, in May. China is the largest foreign holder of US debt, with Japan ranking second.

The most significant sales came from the United Kingdom, with US$5.7 billion in net sales. - Reuters