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NEW fears have emerged in financial markets - be they over European bank balance sheets, central bank limitations, or the weaknesses of the US economy. The "R" word (recession) is also being bandied about, with some commentators even talking...

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BT's Top 40

Life & Culture

[LONDON] The group which owns Britain's Pinewood Studios, where the James Bond films are made, could be sold off in a deal that analysts estimated could raise up to US$500 million.

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Oil, in its long journey from rig to pump, affects the Singapore economy in multi-faceted ways. BT looks at how lower oil prices affected various parts of the economy last year.

Volatility in the Chinese economy has got pundits from different camps debating on whether it will crash, is teetering on the edge, or will smoothen out its transition. The Business Times clears the confusion by listing out what data each camp is looking at, and how each comes to its conclusion.