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Singapore Sustainability Awards 2014

THE Singapore Business Federation's (SBF) Singapore Sustainability Awards attracted an overwhelming number of applications this year from diversified sectors and enterprises, showing that...
SINGAPORE property developer City Developments Limited (CDL) has helped put the country on the global sustainability map with several high-profile eco projects, including the world’s first green...
BY 2050, there will be nine billion people on the planet, or 2.4 billion more mouths to feed than in 2013. About 70 per cent will live in urban centres, according to the United Nations Food and...

DBS Asian Leaders Insights

HAVING established Stamford Land Corporation as a key player in the Australian property and hospitality markets, executive chairman Ow Chio Kiat is now looking to reinforce the company's market...

Macro Insights

THE state of the US economy does not justify an increase in interest rates next year, with labour participation at its weakest in over 30 years, and wage growth still stagnating, said Nobel laureate...

SiTF Awards 2014

THIRTY-EIGHT SiTF Awards winners were lauded for their innovative products and services at this year's ICM (information, communications and media) industry gala dinner held at the Resorts World...
When Numoni's chief executive offi cer Norma Sit first took her company's Nugen kiosk to potential partners, she found it diffi cult to convince them that the device was a solution worth...
CELEBRATING innovation, promoting emerging technologies, and giving back to the community are some reasons why some companies continue to give their support to the Singapore infocomm Technology...

Construction Productivity

Prominent figures from across Singapore's built environment sector share their thoughts about the need to boost productivity among industry players.

Luxe Travel 2014

FROM cruising on the high seas and exploring small, little known ports to drifting down rivers and charting your own course, the options for taking to the water are endless - and look set to get even...
The Brando, Tetiaroa, French Polynesia
DON'T call them supermarkets or food courts. These food halls are magnets for all things gourmet and, dare we say it, artisanal. Every epicurean item you could think of is available right before...

CEO Conversations 2014

AS businesses navigate increasingly competitive markets, two key themes stand out in their strategy to get ahead of their rivals - service excellence and innovation. Regardless of the nature of their...

Korean National Day 2014

KOREA'S ambassador to Singapore, Suh Chung-ha, has been working hard over the year to develop ties between the two countries. He sees significant changes to the relationship over the first year...
KOREA has been boosting its infrastructure ahead of the ongoing Asian games in Incheon and has emerged as an example for building cost-effective and reusable facilities. Some of these will be able to...
KOREA has been actively building up its hotel and resorts infrastructure recently with French group Accor planning to open four new hotels in Seoul in 2017.

Energy Efficiency National Partnership

BUSINESS Times: What are some of the highlights of your energy management system?
USING a new energy-efficient technology common in other industries is helping steel producer NatSteel Holdings see more than energy and cost savings. This fresh approach is also on its way to making...
NEW energy-efficient initiatives have saved the Housing & Development Board (HDB) more than S$1 million a year. And the savings are just for one location, at the HDB Hub in Toa Payoh.These...

Day of German Unity

BT: Singapore and Germany have enjoyed good bilateral relations for many years. Can you summarise these relations and your view on them?
THE history of top German leather goods brand Braun Buffel's relationship with Singapore can be somewhat compared to that between the two countries.
GERMAN companies have been involved in Singapore for many years, taking advantage of the city's strategic location and good business environment.

Let's Golf

For participants at the SPH’s inaugural World Golfers’ Championship final game on Oct 7, not only do they stand a chance to represent Singapore in South Africa in November, they may also win a...
Japanese brand Epon Golf has launched a new range of products to stay on top of your game.
The inaugural SPH World Golfers' Championship could not have a better start.

Property (Sep 2014)

SEVERAL rounds of property cooling measures have taken some wind out of the market’s sails. Notably, Singapore’s private residential property transactions have fallen to levels last seen during the...

Golf Asia

"IT doesn't just tell time. It tells history." Like the slogan for the Rolex campaign, the intricate relationship between Rolex and golf goes as far back as 1967, when Rolex partnered...
MALAYSIA'S largest clubhouse and golf resort recently underwent a RM5 million (S$1.98 million) renovation project.
GREG Norman was his idol growing up, but currently he is into Phil Mickelson. "He's a really good player, a very exciting player and I think a very nice guy," says Singapore golfer Lam...

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