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Branded for quality

These four enterprises have successfully forged a leading brand in their respective markets.

"The best assurance for our customers is to exceed their expectations. This demonstrates our expertise and establishes our track record." - David Cheang

"While our brand may not be internationally recognised, we deliver a niche product and this has enabled us to stand out from the crowd through our distribution channels." - Allan Tan

"By narrowing down who our customers are, into types or personas, we can figure out how to reach our target markets. Only then can the company grow." - David Ong

"Advertising and promotion are essential to create top-of-mind recall and market presence. Marketing budgets need to be set aside to promote our brand." - Louis Chia

Question: What are the key aspects of your company's brand development strategy?

David Cheang: Branding is essential and especially effective via word of mouth. Mindful of this, the company emphasises professionalism, consistency and quality for

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