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Challenges and Opportunities

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The best market intelligence is still dependent on a well-informed forecast of economic and business conditions.

In collaboration with United Overseas Bank, SME Outlook 2016 will provide insights on how to operate more confidently in 2016 with expert inputs on what lies ahead, and how global and regional developments can impact your business.


Jimmy Koh, Head of Economic-Treasury Research (Global Markets and Investment Management), United Overseas Bank What can we expect in 2016? How do US and Euro developments affect SMEs here? Will China stabilise? Where are the hotspots in Asia to look into? Mr Koh will give his views on these and more.

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Ho Meng Kit, CEO, Singapore Business Federation
Do you cut back or expand in a volatile year? How will it impact on your budget and forecast? Mr Ho will share how Singapore businesses can respond to the likely economic outlook in 2016 and offer possible scenarios and ways to overcome challenges; or take advantage of positive developments.


David Toh, Internal Audit Leader, Risk Assurance PwC Singapore
In a uncertain market scenario, how can a business chart its course? Mr Toh will share on enterprise risk management and how businesses can ride on new schemes and policies governing companies and prime themselves for growth and even possible acquisition.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Challenges and opportunities in 2016

BT's Associate Editor Vikram Khanna will round up the event with a discussion with all three speakers on the prospects of doing business in 2016; audience participation welcomed.

Date: Nov 27 (9.00 am to 11.30 am)
Venue: Fullerton Hotel (Grand Ballroom), 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178
Cost: S$20

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The event is organised by The Business Times in collaboration with UOB

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