Brexit results


Leave 15,005,741
Remain 13,126,456


Leave 349,442
Remain 440,437


Leave 1,018,322
Remain 1,661,191


Leave 854,572
Remain 772,347


[DUBLIN] Britain's vote to leave the EU has sparked a debate after Irish nationalists called for a referendum on reunification less than two decades after Northern Ireland's historic peace...

[STRASBOURG, France] The European Parliament on Wednesday overwhelmingly adopted tough "red lines" for negotiations over a Brexit deal, on which EU lawmakers will have the final say in two...

[FRANKFURT] Former Royal Air Force airman Paul Hughes never imagined saying it, but he admits that he was almost "ashamed of my fellow countrymen" when Britons voted to leave the EU last...

[LONDON] British Prime Minister Theresa May will seek to rally her party faithful Friday after a week in which her political honeymoon abruptly ended, laying bare her weaknesses over Brexit.

[BRUSSELS] European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker on Friday voiced hope that Britain will one day return to the EU fold despite voting to leave.

[LONDON] British people are against the prime minister's plans to leave the European Union without a deal if parliament rejects the agreement struck with Brussels, according to a new poll...

[LONDON] The UK government risks producing the "worst of all worlds" if it tries to tailor post-Brexit immigration rules for specific industries, according to a study by a House of Lords...

[TOOME, United Kingdom] As counting begins after Northern Ireland's snap elections, the youthful new leader of the nationalist Sinn Fein party in the province warned about the effects of Brexit...

[LONDON] The House of Lords voted Wednesday to amend and thereby delay a bill empowering Prime Minister Theresa May to begin Brexit negotiations, demanding guarantees for EU nationals living in...

[LONDON] Hundreds of EU citizens living in Britain rallied outside parliament on Monday as the House of Lords began debating a bill that will empower Prime Minister Theresa May to start Brexit...