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Published May 17, 2014
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Salone fresh
In furniture, all roads lead to the annual Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the place to see everything new from designers of home furnishings. Here are ten highlights that will soon be on showroom floors in Singapore. By Tay Suan Chiang
BT 20140517 SCMILAN MULTI 1090781

Multileg Cabinet.

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BT 20140517 SCMILAN MULTI 1090781
BT 20140517 SCMILAN ALBERO 1090776
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Multileg Cabinet / BD Barcelona Design

Xtra, Park Mall, #01-01

You know you're on to something good, when in less than 10 years, a manufacturer wants to reproduce a piece of your furniture but in a new material. That's the case for Spanish designer Jaime Haydon and his Multileg Cabinet. Now BD presents a new 2014 wooden version, walnut and walnut nature, with the same virtues as the first, which was produced in 2006: modular, multipurpose and multilegged.

Albero bookcase / Poltronau Frau

Proof, Ion Orchard, #04-16

Designed in the 1950s by Gianfranco Frattini, the Albero bookcase is now reproduced by Poltronau Frau. Its sculptural shape makes it more than just a book display. The bookcase is self-supporting, rotates and is height-adjustable. The name - Italian for tree but also for drive shaft - has a dual source of inspiration, the boundary between mechanics and nature. With its adjustable rack and pinions and piston-shelves, this unconventional bookcase is reminiscent of the structure of an engine drive shaft. But as it is produced entirely from wood, it also has all the warmth and vitality of a tree.

Gemini seats / Artifort

Xtra, Park Mall, #01-01

Dutch architect Ben van Berkel from UNStudio designed the Gemini as individual furniture pieces which can be placed as single seating elements, in pairs or in groups of various sizes and configurations. The design concept centres on flexibility of movement, versatility in seating position and variety in spatial experiences. Coupled with either its direct twin or its mirrored twin, the non-symmetrical silhouette of both the frame and the soft element transforms to create a curvilinear symmetry.

Ceralacca coffee table / Fiam

Proof, Ion Orchard, #04-16

Created by Italian designer Roberto Giacomucci, the Ceralacca coffee table is his interpretation of colour in glass. The table legs, resembling giant matchsticks, in reality have been soaked in a bright red coating and glued to the top, creating the effect of a wax seal.

Perigallo stool / Sancal Studio

Dream, 456 River Valley Rd

In a local Spanish dialect, perigallo is used to described a three-legged ladder used to harvest fruit. It is also the name of Spanish design firm Sancal's first commercial product. The Perigallo can be folded away when not in use, making it ideal for hosts who suddenly find that they need more seating. The ash wood structure can be stained in different colours while the seat can be upholstered in various patterned fabrics.

Peg Mirror / Capellini

Dream, 456 River Valley Rd

Japanese designer Oki Sato, founder of nendo, says his philosophy is to always give users a '!' moment through his products. The Peg Mirror is no exception. It looks like a conventional oval-shaped mirror perched on a three-legged wooden stand. But a hole in the mirror reveals a detail in the structure, in an interesting exchange of solid and void.

Outliner Lights / Boffi

Boffi Studio, Regency House, #01-13

Martin Schmitz, a German industrial designer, wants to change the way lampshades are viewed. He's achieved that with his Outliner series of hanging lamps. The lampshade is a simple one, made from two-coloured panels and with a red-coloured wiring cable connecting the bulb to the ceiling. From afar, the lampshades appear to only have an outline - hence its name. The Outliner lights also come in table or wall-mounted lamps.

Trotter / Magis

Xtra, Park Mall, #01-01

This chair is meant for kids but the young at heart will find it hard to resist. Dutch designer Rogier Martens created this mobile chair made of steel rod and a rotation-moulded wheel. The conspicuous wheel is an invitation for children to be active, because it makes it easy to move the chair to their favourite spot, over and over again.

Web / Poliform

Space, 77 Bencoolen St

Designed by Daniel Libeskind, Web looks like an ordinary bookshelf but there is a modern day backstory to it. Just like the Internet allows users to browse and use a collection of content which is connected by links, Web, made entirely of Dupont Corian, with its alternating blocks and voids, presents a brand new bookcase concept with a strong visual impact and devised for the most disparate uses.

Shell chair / Carl Hansen & Son

Space, 77 Bencoolen St

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Hans J Wegner, fashion designer Paul Smith and textile company Maharam have collaborated with Danish furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son on a limited edition collection. Applying the new textile Big Stripe and Stripes by Paul Smith to the iconic Shell Chair gives a bold injection of colour to this classic Wegner design.