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Published August 23, 2014
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What do an electric wine decanter, a cardboard foosball table, and a waffle maker have in common? They are among the winners at this year's Red Dot Product Design Award, one of the most renowned design competitions in the world. By Tay Suan Chiang
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Kartoni Table Football.

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Kartoni Table Football

Here's a foosball table with a difference. Don't sniff at the Kartoni just because it's made out of cardboard. It is as big as its professional equivalent, except that it's made from 100 per cent renewable raw materials. The Kartoni comes flat-packed, with some self-assembly required. It also comes with special features, such as a loudspeaker for fan chants, which can be played through an app. The players can also be individually designed through the app.

Vinaera Wine Decanter

This electric wine decanter works best for those who can't wait for their glass of red to reach optimum drinking condition. Decanting wine in a glass decanter usually takes an hour to two. But with the Vinaera, aeration takes only 30 to 40 minutes. Insert Vinaera into the bottleneck, and activate the aeration process with the touch of a button. Aeration takes place at a speed of 28ml every two seconds and ultimately results in a complete aeration of the drink. This type of aeration supposedly reduces the acidity in wines and the sharp and bitter taste of spirits. The Vinaera was awarded a Best of the Best Red Dot award.

Breville Smart Waffle Maker

Waffle batter doubles in size as it bakes which explains why Breville designed an extra wide moat that catches and cooks batter overflow for less mess and easy cleanup. Thermally optimised cooking plates ensure the waffles are evenly cooked, and the waffle maker takes into account numerous inputs to automatically calculate the correct cooking time.

Dots Bookshelf

The Dots bookshelf is designed to fit any environment. The modular system of panels has small wood cylinders attached to it in a regular pattern. This is then customised by installing easily interchangeable boxes for an entirely flexible space. Without the boxes, the wall takes on a new design thanks to its interesting geometrical pattern.

Cybershot DSC-QX10/QX100

If you're a smartphone shutterbug, you'll want one of these. The Sony Cybershot DSC-QX10 and QX100 look like lenses, but are complete cameras on their own. Attach the camera to the smartphone, and connection is made via WiFi. Get better-looking pictures with the high resolution sensor, and optical zoom.

Kone Ceiling Light

No one takes note of the lights in a lift right? That may change with the Kone Ceiling Light. The design concept is based on a universal language of forms and enables modular installation. The unit's diameter and circumference are designed to fit common cabin sizes and the housing provides space for several LEDs in order to meet individual requirements. By mounting the LED directly onto the inner surface of the ring-shaped aluminium frame, heat is dissipated, which extends the lifetime noticeably.

X6 Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

The X6 Bluetooth outdoor speaker looks like an oil lamp and can be hung everywhere. To avoid blocking the front of the speaker, its metal-ring handle can swing only backwards. Its hands-free speech system allows the user to receive calls while listening to music. A rubber cap on the top protects the speaker from rain and dust, while a drainage hole on the bottom prevents water buildup so that performance and age are increased.

Rainshower Flower

Sanitary ware company Grohe has the solution to getting kids to shower. The Rainshower Flowers were created to bring warmth, joy and a splash of colour to the bathroom. The expressive "bumpers", designed to look like petals, simply slide over the showerhead, transforming the Grohe hand shower into a flower. Available in six expressive colour combinations, the bumper is tactile and soft, so, if it's dropped, it cushions the impact. When a child outgrows it, the bumper can be removed. We know some adults would want this too.

Jomon Table Ware

Spanish designer Ana Roquero was inspired by the origins of culinary art when she designed this range of bowls and trays made from porcelain and glass. The handy trays with relief-like hollows provide a multi-purpose space for the larger bowls as well as the smaller dip bowls. The bowls come shaped like a shell which can be held in your hand to eat freely; sitting at the table, standing up or lying down.

NI LED Parasol

NI is an LED parasol that is equipped with two downlights and an uplight. The atmospheric lighting can be controlled via a one touch dimmer. The parasol can be illuminated when open as well as closed. The light output offers enough luminosity for larger areas, and you can get an instant party mood by changing the colour of the lights. The parasol's heavy linen fabric means that it also provides good UV protection for those under it.

  • The 2014 Red Dot Product Design winners are now on display at the Red Dot Design Museum, at 28 Maxwell Road.