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Published August 09, 2014
Healthy and bubbly
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Citizen Pop

FOR a maker of carbonated drinks, Citizen Pop's local founder Imelda Mo - oddly - never liked fizzy drinks. "Soft drinks often taste too sweet and they don't do me any good nutritionally," says the 26-year-old former advertising executive.

That changed, however, after a particularly thirst-quenching sip of soda on a sweltering afternoon in Bangkok's Chatuchak market, where sodas come in myriad tropical fruit flavours. She was then inspired to create her own healthy range made not from artificially sweetened liquids, but from fresh juices. "I didn't want to do another juice company because there are already many options out there, from the S$2.50 juice from an auntie in a kopitiam to the S$300 juice cleanse programmes - and there's just something refreshing about having a bubbly drink on a hot day."

Handpressed fruit juices are first blended with herbs and spices, then carbonated through a kegerator in a licensed kitchen and bottled. Bottled sodas come in two flavours for now - a refreshing lemon and thyme and a sprightly apple and ginger combination - but Ms Mo has concocted over 10 other unique flavours such as pear and lemongrass, pineapple and chamomile and lime and fennel, which she sells by the cup at pop-up markets.


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