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Published February 14, 2014
Renowned pastry chef Escriba to launch here
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Flights of pastry: Christian Escriba and Patricia Schmidt together with the miniature rendition of Fantasia by Escriba made entirely of confectionery

BT 20140214 HYFANTASIA14 957729

SPANISH pastry maestro Christian Escriba of the 107-year-old Pasteleria Escriba in Barcelona has big plans to bring his repertoire of sweet treats to Singapore. But while he looks out for the right locations to open shop, the seasoned chef - who has been in the trade since he was 16 - plans to give Singaporeans a sneak preview in a three-day confectionery extravaganza this June. Fantasia by Escriba, to be held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, will celebrate all that is fantastical, dream-like and surreal, and all fashioned out of edible pastry.

Think edible flowers, a 4m tall elephant made of sugar dancing in a chocolate waterfall, and clouds made of cotton candy. And yes, feel free to get up close and chomp on them. Escriba believes the event will be the first of its kind in the world both in terms of concept and scale. Besides showcasing over 30 sweet masterpieces made by the Escriba pastry team, the 8,000 sq m exhibition hall will also be divided into eight themed pavilions that visitors can enter and interact with. These include booths fashioned as a chocolate jungle, an haute couture boutique retailing edible jewelry, a chocolate theatre, a wedding-inspired tea room, a pastry research and development lab, and a 2,000 sq m playground designed for children.

Staging Fantasia was a long-held dream shared between Mr Escriba and his wife Patricia. "Pastry for us is surprise, creating emotions and creating small moments of happiness for people," says Mr Escriba, who was in town this week to promote the event. An Escriba academy will also be set up for aspiring pastry chefs to learn about sugar fondant, caramel, chocolate and pastry-making under visiting pastry chefs such as by Patricia Schmidt, Oscar Hernandez Viciana, Daniel Domniguez Rodellar and Oscar Hernandez Viciana. Mr Escriba will also handpick six promising local pastry chefs for a six-week apprenticeship at the Escriba Academy in Spain.

Fantasia by Escriba runs from June 27-29 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Halls A and B. Tickets priced at $38 for children aged 12 and below and at $58 for all others for the morning showcase (10am to 2pm). The evening showcase (4pm to 8pm) will cost $58 for kids aged 12 and below and $98 for all others. Midnight @ Fantasia, an 18-above event, will run on June 28 from 10pm to 1am. Tickets are priced at $188. Tickets are now available at