Saturday, 19 April, 2014

Published February 26, 2014
Bikes give little tykes a leg-up
ING's Orange Bikes project helps children in remote villages take the fast track to schooling, writes TEH SHI NING
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'If they are able to imbibe that greater sense of purpose, it's easier then to translate into day-to-day incidents - this is what you should do, this is what you should not do. Once you have the buy-in to the values behind this goal, it's easier to change culture.'
- ING Commercial Banking's Asia head of International Trade and Export Finance, Catherine Low (above) on the benefit of raising employees' awareness of the broader social purpose of their bank


AS global banks continue to wrestle with how to regain trust and respect for the crucial functions they perform in economies, here in Singapore, ING Bank rides towards that challenge - on an orange bicycle.

That orange bike may have little to do with the corporate and investment banking services offered by the specialised commercial bank across Asia, but it has much to do with a shift in culture that its top management is trying to engender.

The Orange Bikes project, launched by ING's Singapore branch last year, will bring 5,000 bicycles to underprivileged children in Asia over a five-year period.

The aim: To enable children in remote villages to get to school more easily and more quickly on these sponsored bikes custom-built for rough terrain, in the hope that this will boost their attendance and academic performance, so that education can give them a proper leg-up.