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"PLEASE buy me one million shares of Toshiba, ticker code: 6502." That was the institutional buy order that kick-started my professional buy-side career. The first stock I bought was...

THE question might seem risible.

WHILE it is true that there are similarities between the present day and the pre-Depression period - surplus countries unwilling to stimulate (Germany today), overproduction and the lack of a global...

THE Chinese economy grew by 1.7 per cent quarter on quarter in the second quarter, in line with our forecast, but slightly ahead of market expectations.


IF you decide that your path to financial freedom is through squirrelling money away and then investing a portion, the road can seem incredibly long.


THE importance of news is often derided by value investors.


ALTHOUGH Max Pang, 24, is just entering his fourth year at Singapore Management University (SMU), he has already set up an endowment plan to fund his future children's college education...