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I was shopping for fruit at a Bangkok supermarket, feeling rather perplexed. There I was, a Singaporean earning a salary that was easily many times that of the average Thai. But I was reluctant to...

ARGUABLY, the 20s is the most crucial life stage. There, a majority will graduate from post-secondary education and set foot into the "real world". ...


ARMED with just seven employees, Shashank Nigam commands one of the largest airline branding consultancy firms in the world: Simpliflying.

THE Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Symposium aims to provide young investors with knowledge on how to start investing. Entrepreneurs, academics and practitioners will share their expertise.

EMERGING markets remain at the forefront of the world's most vibrant and fastest-growing economies, with overall GDP (gross domestic product) growth rates comfortably in excess of the developed...


LAST week, we examined the first part of the rights issue process of commodities trader Noble Group using the analogy of mothers and daughters.

A NIL-PAID right can be thought of as being akin to a financial option.


WITH an additional half a billion US dollars just raised from a rights issue, Noble Group shareholders might yet see some light in the middle of a very long and dark tunnel.

INVESTOR concern about the rapid build-up of corporate debt is growing. Ultra-cheap borrowing costs created by loose monetary policy has led companies to aggressively releverage their balance sheets...

IN the middle of April last year, the Straits Times Index (STI) reached a high of more than 3,500 points.