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Singapore Economic Development Board (SEDB) is the government agency under Singapore's Ministry of Trade and Industry that develops "strategies to enhance Singapore’s position as a global centre for business, innovation, and talent". It is responsible for investment promotion and industry development in the manufacturing and internationally tradeable services sectors, and works with companies by providing information, connection to partners and access to government incentives for their investments, as well as their transformation and growth initiatives. | (65) 6832 6832 |

Enterprise Singapore (ESG) is the government agency under Singapore's Ministry of Trade and Industry that champions enterprise development. It adopts a company-centric approach to growing Singapore's enterprises, and is also responsible for building trust in products and services through quality and standards, and establishing Singapore as a startup and trading hub. | (65) 6898 1800 |

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) is the government agency that oversees the registration and regulation of business entities and public accountants. It also provides information on new business structures, compliance requirements and corporate governance practices in Singapore. | (65) 6248 6028

Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) is the government agency responsible for the promotion of Malaysia's manufacturing and services sectors. Services provided include sharing information on investment opportunities in Malaysia and facilitating joint venture partnerships. | (603) 2267 3633 |

Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) is mandated to boost domestic and foreign direct investment by creating a conducive investment climate. The investment promotion agency is Indonesia's primary interface between business and government, and serves also as a matchmaker for investors. | Investor Relations Unit: (62-21) 5292 1329 /30 |

The Philippine Board of Investments (BOI) describes itself as a one-stop shop for doing business in the Philippines. It is the lead government agency responsible for the promotion of investments in the Philippines, assisting Filipino and foreign investors "to venture and prosper in desirable areas of economic activities". / | (632) 895 8322 |

The Office of the Board of Investment (BOI) is a government agency under Thailand's Office of the Prime Minister. It is responsible for promoting valuable investment - both investment into Thailand and Thai investments overseas. | (662) 553 8111 |

The Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) is in charge of handling company registrations for local and foreign businesses under the Companies Act. DICA also serves as a secretary to the Myanmar Investment Commission | (95-1) 658 121 |

The Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) is a government-appointed body responsible for verifying and approving investment proposals. It also issues regular notifications on sector-specific developments. | Head office Yangon (95-1) 658 103

The Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) is responsible for advising the Minister of Planning and Investment on foreign direct investment activities in Vietnam and Vietnam's direct investment activities abroad. / | (844) 080-48 087 |

The Investment Promotion Center for North Vietnam promotes and supports investment activities in 29 northern provinces from Ha Giang to Quang Binh.

The Investment Promotion Center for Central Vietnam aims to assist investors and enterprises as they study, establish and implement investment and business development projects in Central Vietnam.

The Investment Promotion Center for South Vietnam promotes and supports investment activities in the 21 southern provinces, southward from Ninh Thuan province.

The Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) is the highest decision-making level of the government for private and public sector investment. For private sector investment, its operational arms are the Cambodian Investment Board and the Cambodian Special Economic Zone Board. They review investment applications and grant incentives to investment projects that meet the requirements laid out in the 1994 Investment Law, which streamlined Cambodia's foreign investment regime and provided more incentives for direct private sector investment.

The Cambodian Investment Board (CIB) deals with investment projects that lie out of the special economic zones. | (855-23) 981 154 |

The Cambodian Special Economic Zones Board (CSEZB) takes charge of investment projects within the special economic zones.

(855-23) 992 355 | /

The Investment Promotion Department (IPD) ,which operates under Laos' Ministry of Planning and Investment, is responsible for promoting Laos as an investment destination, offering investment incentives, screening investment proposals, collecting investment data and monitoring investment practices. | (856-21) 218 377 / 222 690 / 223 002 |

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