Bentley Flying Spur: Crewe's missile

IF there's one place Bentley's new, third-generation Flying Spur fits in perfectly, it's the opulent environs of the iconic Casino Square in Monte Carlo, where its press launch took place.

BMW M8 review: Have a laugh with your M8

LIKE most modern devices, the instruction manual for the BMW M8 Competition Coupe we're driving has gone digital. Thankfully you can access specific items via the voice-activated Personal Assistant, because, given how many different chassis and powertrain configurations are available for the...

Toyota makes its marque with the Supra

ONE of Toyota's most beloved and well-known nameplates is the Supra. After a 17-year hiatus, it's finally returned in the form of this car here, the new fifth-generation model.

Can Bentley’s 100th birthday present to itself ward off doom?

SINGAPORE turns 54 years old in August - which is only a little more than half the time Bentley has spent building luxury grand tourers.


Porsche Cayenne Turbo Coupe: Crossfit with a crossover

THE crossover "coupe" is what you end up buying when you want something different and feel your sensibilities have outgrown regular, sensible sport utility vehicles (SUVs), especially since the conventional SUV has become the new normal.

Along came two Spiders — from McLaren

IT'S hard to top an act like the 600LT, but McLaren has managed it, namely by lopping its top off....

Bentley Continental GT Convertible review: Roofless but not toothless

BENTLEY is aiming at a younger demographic with the latest, third generation Continental GT. So if you are young (or at least, young at heart) and extremely wealthy, take a good look; the Continental's newfound musculature and well-defined sculpting (attributed to a new method of forming...


Porsche 911 Carrera S review: Hooked on a feeling

PORSCHE has been doing 911s for a long time. We're talking over 50 years, even longer if you take the earlier 356 into account. That long road of history leads to the car you see here, the eighth generation of the 911....

Audi e-tron review: Flipping the switch on electric power

DESPITE the current trend towards electrification, all-electric Battery Electric Vehicles (or BEV) might be a daunting prospect for potential buyers. It's not just down to cost and range anxiety, but also because of how alien these vehicles are perceived to be to own, drive and look at....