Chefs' Specials

SINGAPORE DINERS HAVE become so spoilt for choice that it isn’t enough for restaurants just to serve fresh and top quality ingredients, even if they cost a bomb. 

Betting On Cantonese Cuisine In Macau

LONG SEEN AS the home of casinos and Portuguese egg tarts, Macau has never been considered the capital of Cantonese cuisine.

A new horizon: Rishi Naleendra and fellow chefs on new career paths

RISHI NALEENDRA USED to dream about getting a Michelin star. Now that he’s had one for a couple of years, he’s decided to give it up and start all over again.

The Future Of Chinese Food

IF YOU FOLLOW food trends, you’ll know all about the various cuisines that have captured our imagination - and taste buds - in the past decade or so. Remember the Spanish invasion led by Ferran Adria; Noma’s New Nordic Wave; Gaston Acurio’s Peruvian invasion. Not to mention the Japanese...

China Calling

IF SINGAPORE POSES some major competition with restaurants opening and closing with alarming frequency, the picture is very different in top Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.