The benefits of fish oil: fact or fiction?

IN 2002, the American Heart Association (AHA) published a scientific statement, "Fish Consumption, Fish Oil, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Cardiovascular Disease". ...

Minor clogging of heart arteries: cause for concern?

AS THE population ages, the prevalence of narrowing of the heart arteries (also called coronary artery disease or CAD) becomes more prevalent. If your doctors suspect that you may have narrowing of your heart arteries, to confirm whether you have clogging of your heart arteries, the doctors may use...

Can applying ointments cause breathlessness?

Ms A was in her 50s and she was troubled by recurrent breathlessness that limited her physical exertion. At times, the breathlessness was so severe that she just had to rest after climbing a flight of stairs. Her exertional breathlessness was also associated with chest discomfort and palpitations...

Stem cell therapy for the heart: hype or hope?

STEM cell treatment continues to be bandied around as the "magic" bullet for many health conditions. It is time to take stock of the state of technology concerning the use of stem cells in heart disease...

Staying healthy to a ripe old age

HUMAN life expectancy or longevity has always been measured by chronological age, but what is equally important is the biological or physiological age. In the past two centuries, better living standards and significant improvement in healthcare have contributed to more than doubling of human life...

Reducing the risk of a heart attack

ADVANCES in the knowledge of medicine have helped us understand how we can better reduce the likelihood of stroke and heart attack. Diabetes has become a scourge in many affluent countries especially in increasing affluent Asian societies.