Christine Lagarde and the case for more QE

MARIO DRAGHI is on his final stretch, and it's not an easy road to travel.


Swiss bank accounts aren't as great as they used to be

WOULD you pay a bank for the privilege of holding your money? This is a question that wealthy savers are having to ask themselvesĀ as lenders start passing negative interest rates onto their biggest account holders. The Swiss banks UBS Group AG and Credit Suisse AG are in the vanguard of these...


Europe's rebound shows Draghi got it right

THE European Central Bank faced a torrid start to the year, as critics said it was not providing enough stimulus to a slowing euro-zone economy. In retrospect policy makers may have got it just right. The economy in the currency union expanded by 0.4 per cent in the first quarter, beating...


The real crisis risk at the ECB

THE euro zone has only recently recovered from a double-dip recession, but there are already questions about how prepared it would be for a new crisis. All eyes are on the European Central Bank, which has been the strongest line of defence against an economic slowdown.


Why the mooted Deutsche-Commerzbank merger is such a terrible idea

IF YOU'RE looking for one of the worst ideas in contemporary banking, look no further than Germany....


The Greek banking tragedy and how to end it

IF A COUNTRY has a problem with its banks, the thing to do is to come up with a strategy and execute it swiftly. The trouble with Greece is that it has too many plans - and is taking too long to choose between them.


Europe's Santa Claus is not coming to town

IF THERE is a Santa Claus in the eurozone, it's Mario Draghi. Throughout his mandate, the president of the European Central Bank has handed the monetary union generous presents, which have averted the collapse of the euro, kept banks afloat and facilitated an economic recovery....


Italy's boardroom saga - a property rights lesson

A CORPORATE battle at Telecom Italia SpA shows why it's tough to be an investor in Italy these days. The government is interfering with a private company to get hold of its most prized asset: the country's phone and broadband network. The opposition tacitly supports the plan. Italy is...