Covid-19 is a reminder that science has limits

THE 2008 financial crisis led the public to discover the limits of economics. The Covid-19 pandemic risks have the same effect on scientists and medical doctors.


ECB needs to look beyond banking giants for signs of financial risk lurking within the system

SINCE taking over as the euro zone's main banking supervisor, the European Central Bank has spearheaded efforts to reduce the amount of bad loans that had cumulated throughout the great recession and the euro zone sovereign debt crisis.


The ECB is in for a Covid-19 shocker

It was the calm before the storm. Last week, new data showed that the eurozone economy had seen an encouraging rebound in February, as activity in the services sector expanded strongly, while manufacturing slowed less than expected. However, the disruptions from the Covid-19 epidemic look set to...


Lagarde perfectly capable of facing down her ECB sceptics

CHRISTINE LAGARDE has taken the helm of the European Central Bank (ECB) at a time of rising scepticism over the power of monetary policy. Critics say that the central bank has no tools left to bring inflation back to its target of close to, but below, 2 per cent. The ECB is now a helpless...