Pick a dance partner carefully in this market

THE floor is getting dusted with powder, but where are the dancers?

India laws a dose of reality for Big Pharma

THE United States was on the verge of making a controversial amendment to the US patent law in June this year that would have modelled it on India's Patent Law which prohibits the patenting of new forms, new uses and new methods of administration of new medicines unless the patent applicant can...

Anti-GMO 'rock star' continues to challenge 'Big Six' corporations

THE "rock star" of the global movement opposing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), Vandana Shiva, has been taking on the "Big Six" producers of GMOs even as their agricultural use is banned or restricted in some countries, and they are fighting court cases in others.

Integrated financial market has to start with political will

A FEW years ago, the countries of South Asia had a farsighted idea: Create a stock exchange or a board where companies of the region would list their shares. Even though the vision crashed headlong into political reality, the idea still has backers in governments and multilateral institutions....