Brunching Out

Go directly to jail and do not pass go. If you’re hungry and a fan of the board game Monopoly, get your silver token and stake out your place at Ritz-Carlton Millennia’s SuperBrunch, where champagne and get-out-of-jail-free cards are aplenty.

East-West Reunion

CULTURAL APPROPRIATION IS alive and well in Singapore and nowhere is it more evident than during the lunar new year, when the Chinese aren’t the only ones tossing vegetables and yelling “Huat ah!”. From Italian octopus yusheng to suckling pig brined in citrus and herbs, reunion dinners are no...

Lo Hei Redux

“Mandarins are a common gift during CNY and I thought it would be nice to make something tasty with them,” says chef Pynt.

Rizu needs to raise its game

THE restaurant scene is a perpetual revolving door - if you keep returning to the same location, chances are you can dine in three or more different eateries in the space of three years. Duxton Hill is just one of many hot spots where the attrition rate is high - although not a single visit we...

Farm to table, Singapore-style

HAN LI GUANG PETS a fuzzy little goat on the head at Hay Dairies - Singapore's only goat farm that sits in what little 'countryside' we have in Kranji, along with other farms growing vegetables or rearing frogs and fat ornamental koi. But unlike visitors who are happy to wander...