Chip Off The Old Block

As a child, Joe Leong couldn’t understand why his father Sam Leong didn’t spend time with the family. “I was upset. I’d asked why was he always away, and why leave for work halfway through dinner,” recalls the 26-yearold pastry chef.

Free Spirits

Forget hipster bars. Meet three passionate bar owners who put their own spin on the drinking experience.

The Inn Thing

WHAT DO SHISEN HANTEN, Alma by Juan Amador, Shinji by Kanesaka and Jaan have in common other than a spot in the Michelin Guide? The fact that they are not standalone establishments but restaurants that are raising the bar in the hotel dining scene.

Shaken And Stirred

AS COCKTAIL LOVERS IN SINGAPORE (and the world) continue to thirst for new experiences, bars are stepping up to the plate to oblige.

Whisky Business

“ACQUIRING JAPANESE WHISKY requires a lot of patience, resources and most of all – luck,” notes Loh Chin Hui, an avid collector who showcases his latest buys under the moniker, Whisky Uncle. 

Wok this way

WHY DOES CHINESE food have to be so - Chinese? That seems to be the thought going through the minds of chefs and restaurants these days, going by the way some Chinese restaurants are heading towards modern plating while adapting French techniques in the kitchen as well.

Plant it Forward

IT LOOKS LIKE 2019 is set to be a banner year for plant-based meats in Singapore. If there was a time that we would look at burgers and wonder what mystery meat was in it, now we’re looking at our meat patties and wondering what mystery veggies have gone into it.

Raising the bar: New bars to check out

FROM SINGAPORE SLINGS to jackfruit and curry negronis, the city’s bar scene has come a long way – in both number and variety of exotic cocktails created by top mixologists. International attention hasn’t been far off either, with 12 Singapore bars on the Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2018 list, led by the...