Incoming EC chief begins in weak position

AT its June 30-July 2 meeting, the European Council nominated German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen - perhaps considered a candidate of least resistance - to become president of the European Commission on Nov 1.

May deal faces near-impossible hurdles

AFTER European Union leaders approved on Nov 25 an agreement on Britain's withdrawal from the bloc, the next step is a UK parliamentary vote scheduled for Dec 11. If Parliament votes in favour, the accord will move to the next step, a formal EU agreement according to treaty procedures....

Going from globalisation to regionalisation

FROM all appearances, the United States can no longer afford to be an uncontested global power. Another power structure is taking over. The US alliance system forged after World War II was anchored in common values. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) defended democracy and the free...


Brexit outcome should be one that both parties can accept

AFTER the failure of the European Union Salzburg summit to agree to UK Prime Minister Theresa May's Chequers plan for withdrawal, the chances that Britain will leave without a deal have risen significantly. The sooner policymakers on both sides realise this the better....