2019 Honda Civic review: Rice to the occasion

IF THERE were an automotive equivalent of rice, your typical three-box Japanese family sedan is it. They're a staple of our roads here and are appropriate for use in many different ways, but can sometimes be as boring as, well, plain white rice.

New Citroen C5 Aircross and revamped showroom promise magic carpet comfort

MOVE over, Aladdin. Cycle & Carriage France launched a new car yesterday that could give a magic carpet a run for its money.

Alpine A110 review: The best sports car you’ve never heard of

THERE are predominantly two schools of thought when it comes to sports cars. The more common opinion is that they should be about going as fast as possible, so they need big power, fat tyres, and the ability to leave everything in the dust down any road or track.

Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Supersport tyre is so racy, it’s almost illegal

WANT to make your car dance like a Porsche? One easy way is to borrow its shoes. That's the main idea behind the new Eagle F1 Supersport tyre range from Goodyear, the world's third largest tyre company by revenue.

Jaguar XF review: Old school delights

BEFORE the advent of digitisation and driver assistance systems, luxury cars were defined by how you were physically isolated from the outside world, rather than how connected you could be to the digital one.

The most powerful car Mercedes makes is almost here

THE most powerful car that Mercedes currently builds made its regional debut at Malaysia's Sepang Circuit on May 3. Also the brawniest four-door car with a three-pointed star on its nose in history, the 639-horsepower Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe could be in Singapore as early as July.

Ford Mustang 2.3 Ecoboost: Muscle contraction

YOU might know one when you see one, but the "muscle car" has a formal definition: a large car, usually American, fitted with a powerful V8 engine; reasonably affordable, attention-grabbing, and very fast in a straight line, but not adept at much else.

A new Landmark for Land Rover's Discovery Sport

LAND Rover has announced the addition of a new version of its most affordable model, the Discovery Sport.

Lamborghini Huracan Evo: Looking better than a million bucks

THE latest iteration of Lamborghini's most popular sports car, the Huracan Evo (left), was launched in Singapore on April 17, priced at S$998,000 without Certificate of Entitlement. Customers who place orders now can expect to receive their cars in the fourth quarter of this year.

Skoda Octavia RS 245 review: Power to the people

SPEED doesn't come cheap in the car industry. At least, that's how things normally are. But if one carmarker has set out to democratise high performance, it's Skoda, the value-driven brand in the sprawling Volkswagen Group empire.

BMW X5 review: Leader of the pack

BMW's first Sport Utility Vehicle, the X5, came out all of 20 years ago, but it is clear that evolution has been kind to the model....

Infiniti QX50 review: Smooth operator

ASIDE from all the things a luxury car needs to be - smooth, silent, plush and comfortable - perhaps the one thing it really has to do is impress your friends. Not every Benz or Bentley buyer would freely admit to that, of course, just like the people who say they wear a Richard Mille just to...

New BMW X5 review: An SUV with more X factor

NEVER mind what mathematicians say. "7" is the number with the most gravitas in the BMW range, due to the 7 Series flagship, but for now, "5" is at least its equal....

How to be a racing driver for Ferrari

IT'S one thing to own a Ferrari, but to go one better, you can race for them. You don't need to be named "Vettel" or "Raikkonen" to be a Ferrari racing driver. For under S$1 million, anyone can join the club....


A more affordable way to maintain your Lamborghini

CAN a racing team take better care of your precious, exotic super car better than its authorised dealer?

BMW i3s review: Let the sparks fly

A CARBON-FIBRE chassis, wacky doors, otherworldly looks and acceleration that will take your breath away.

Skoda Octavia review: Five doors for the price of four

SINGAPOREANS love saloons. According to the Land Transport Authority, they outsold hatchbacks three to one in 2017. This might explain why the Jetta used to make up more than a third of Volkswagen's Singapore sales....