The case for international civil servants

THE notion of an "international" civil service goes back a century, to the establishment of the League of Nations after World War I. Whereas civil servants had until then always served their countries or empires, the League's small secretariat would facilitate cooperation among member states....


Argentina needs sweeping reforms

IF YOU leave Argentina and come back 20 days later, according to a tragically apt joke, you'll find everything is different, but if you come back after 20 years, you'll find that everything is the same. Will the country's likely next president, Alberto Fernández, finally manage to erase that...


Preventing Cold War II in a world of competing interests

WHEN world leaders gather in New York later this month for the annual United Nations General Assembly meetings, they will have much to discuss besides climate change and sustainable development. In particular, the escalating superpower rivalry between the United States and China poses a growing...

The real obstacle to climate action

CLIMATE change is probably the biggest threat facing humanity today. According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the world must cut its carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050 in order to prevent global warming of 1.5 deg C, or likely more, above pre-...


Which way now for the EU?

WITH the main European Union (EU) institutions preparing for a change of leadership this autumn, now is a good time to reflect on the EU's priorities for the coming years.

It's time to renew the social contract

THE success of Western-style democracy after World War II was based on national social contracts: citizens paid taxes, and the state provided the conditions for steady economic progress, along with secure jobs, a social safety net and redistributive policies that narrowed the income gap between...

Closing the global governance gap

TECHNOLOGICAL waves have always driven social and political change and progress, along with economic growth.


MEP polls will entrench a growing divide in the EU

ON May 23-26, voters across the European Union will go to the polls to elect Members of the European Parliament (MEP). Much will be at stake.

Why France's centre-left resists globalisation

POPULAR uprisings across France are threatening to shatter the hope that so many had placed in French President Emmanuel Macron after his election in May 2017. With his party, La République En Marche !, having secured an absolute parliamentary majority, Mr Macron promised to pursue difficult...