Are robo-advisers the way forward for retail investors?

THE growing popularity of robo-advisers, here and around the world, shows little sign of abating - what with the market welcoming new entrants every few months or so.

MAS issues directive to Pine Capital unit to suspend fund-raising, subscription activities

CATALIST-listed asset management group Pine Capital on Tuesday provided a series of updates on matters relating to its unit Advance Capital Partners Asset Management Private Limited (ACPAM), which has been reprimanded by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and embroiled in legal...

Pine Capital issues update on ACPAM and its former CEO

PINE Capital Group - whose unit Advance Capital Partners Asset Management Private Limited (ACPAM) has been embroiled in legal proceedings with its former chief executive and has been reprimanded by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) - on Tuesday issued several updates relating to the...


Should there be a scheme to fund class actions by minorities?

INDIA is said to be considering setting up a scheme that would help fund class-action suits brought against companies by minority shareholders, to ensure that those who need the financial support to assert their legal rights have access to it.

Kingboard Copper offer closes, company to be delisted

THE buyout offer for Kingboard Copper Foil has closed, with the offeror group - Kingboard Laminates and Kingboard Holdings - now owning some 98.5 per cent of the shares issued, having obtained valid acceptances of the offer representing some 10.5 per cent of the shares issued.


Sustainability reporting isn't about lip service

INTERNATIONAL Accounting Standards Board (IASB) chairman Hans Hoogervorst's recent accusation of "rampant" greenwashing - whereby companies dress their practices, products or services up as being environmentally friendly - has cast the spotlight on the usefulness of sustainability reporting at...

SPH growth strategy on track, even as Q2 profits slip

MEDIA group Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) said its growth strategy remains on track - even as it turned in lower profits for its second quarter - with positive momentum seen across all its business segments of media, property, digital and aged care.

16 warning signs of a company in trouble - a guide for retail investors

EVER wished you had a checklist of the warning signs that indicate to you if the company you've invested in, or were thinking of investing in, was in trouble?

Top warning signs of a company in trouble: report

There are at least 16 early warning signs and red flags signalling potential woe in the companies you invest in – and learning what they are could make you a savvier investor.


How far do directors' duties extend?

CAMSING Healthcare's independent directors (IDs) came under fire last week, for quitting the board before the company's audit issues were resolved. In an unprecedented move, Singapore Exchange Regulation's (SGX RegCo) firmly worded Notice of Compliance (NoC) to Camsing's...


New e-commerce tax measures a boon for Singapore

BRICK-and-mortar retailers and governments around the world have cause to cheer: members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) last week endorsed new rules and frameworks for the collection of taxes on online sales of goods.

Sias, SID produce best practices guide for shareholder meetings

THE Securities Investors Association (Singapore), or Sias, and the Singapore Institute of Directors (SID) have come together to produce a guide on best practices for shareholder meetings, in an attempt to represent the perspectives of both the investors, and the companies and their board...

Sias, SID jointly produce guide on best practices for shareholder meetings

THE Securities Investors Association (Singapore) or Sias, and the Singapore Institute of Directors (SID), have come together to produce a guide on best practices for shareholder meetings that represents the perspectives of investors, companies and their board directors.


MAS scores, sets benchmark for others

THE Monetary Authority of Singapore's (MAS) first-ever enforcement report lifts the veil on certain key aspects of how it polices the financial markets under its charge, and is a welcome indicator of the greater openness the market has long sought....


High time Singapore sets up proper whistleblower laws, protection

THE Australian parliament recently passed a host of amendments to the country's whistleblowing laws which will, when they take effect in July, raise the level of protection for whistleblowers and make it a requirement for public (listed) companies and large private companies there to have a...

China Environment unit may be wound up

CHINA Environment announced on Wednesday that as a result of an earlier Chinese court ruling on a civil suit brought by Bank of China Longyan against China Environment's wholly owned subsidiary Fujian Dongyuan Environmental Protection Co Ltd, the land use rights and property assets of another...

Vibrant Group back in black for Q3

VIBRANT Group, previously known as Freight Links Group, pulled itself back into the black for the quarter ended Jan 31, 2019.

Smart data could be key to help restore trust in corporate reporting: EY

SMART data could be the key to fully restoring public trust in corporate reporting and improving corporate decision-making, a new study suggests. But businesses, including the world's largest organisations, are currently not making full use of the vast amounts of financial and non-financial...


Making AGMs more meaningful: the corporate edition

SOME weeks ago (BT, Jan 10, 2019, "Making the most of AGM season as an investor"), we outlined how retail investors ought to make the most of their yearly face-to-face encounters with companies' boards and management at annual general meetings (AGM). The responsibility for...


E-commerce tax: not in Budget, but on the horizon

MUCH Of this week's news coverage has focused on the measures announced on Monday in Singapore's Budget 2019; but, equally newsworthy is what was not included: e-commerce tax....


A Budget to bring some cheer, and to secure Singapore

IN a year when it would scarcely have been criticised had it chosen to be exuberant in its gift-giving, the government has instead impressed with its prudence and restraint in keeping its one-off Budget goodies to a judicious level - focusing instead on the needed (though far less sexy) long-...


CGAC: did MAS cast net wide enough?

SINGAPORE this week launched its first permanent, industry-led body, whose purpose is to ensure that the nation's corporate governance (CG) standards remain on a par with the best in the world. The 18-member strong unit boasts some impressive names; yet, rumblings can be already be heard in...

Dedicated body to level up corporate governance standards

IN A first for Singapore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) - the country's apex financial regulator - has established a permanent, industry-led body responsible for "levelling up corporate governance standards and practices" here....

Singapore forms advocacy body to level up corporate governance standards

SINGAPORE has its first permanent, industry-led body, responsible for advocating good corporate governance (CG) practices in the city state.


SGX needs more regulatory bite to improve oversight

SINGAPORE'S frontline capital-markets regulator, Singapore Exchange Regulation (SGX RegCo), armed itself with greater supervisory powers this week by announcing a host of ways in which it hopes to keep on top of risky and troubled listed companies via their audit function....