Shanghai-London Connect was always just a pipe dream

[HONG KONG] It's always easier to put up a barrier on an empty road than a busy highway.

MSCI starts closing its open door to China

MSCI Inc is showing new toughness on adding domestic China shares into its global benchmarks. The move will better protect investors and may dampen a political backlash in the US after it already opened the door to more Chinese stocks. The new, almost insurmountable conditions will effectively...


Hong Kong's home prices seem immune to protests

HONG Kong's protests are damping real estate activity, spurring speculation of a long-overdue tumble in the city's notoriously expensive housing market. Prices are likely to prove more resilient than some expect.

Hong Kong money is fleeing? Not around here

[HONG KONG] Hong Kong may have been seeing money flow out as the city's turmoil undermines its reputation as a stable financial centre, but one important source of capital keeps on coming: cash for initial public offerings (IPOs).


Don't expect a bargain from Chinese conglomerates' asset dumps

YOU might think the trophy real-estate assets of distressed Chinese conglomerates would go at fire-sale prices. The latest deals show that's not the case.


Does Victor Li have the same golden touch as his father?

HONG KONG billionaire Li Ka-shing built his fortune and legendary reputation by displaying an uncanny ability to time asset markets. Investors in Shanghai real estate need to ask whether his son has the same touch.


Hong Kong property ready to roar back

HONG Kong property is coming back. After declining about 10 per cent since August 2018, home prices have started rising again. The world's least affordable housing market may even be prepping for another boom....