We are working on bursting your bubble

ECONOMISTS may be finally closing in on the reason for asset bubbles. How to pop them before they grow too large, however, is a much harder problem.


There's no reason workers can't be corporate owners

WHY aren't companies owned by the people who work for those companies? It seems like a natural way to organise a business. Americans are used to the standard set-up: outside shareholders elect a board of directors that chooses executives to run the business.


Stop working and go home: why long work days may not work

IN THE sitcom The Office, a bumbling manager spends much of his time distracting the hapless employees of a paper company's local sales branch. Somehow, despite all the antics that seem to interfere with getting anything done, the branch consistently manages to be the company's most profitable...

Companies might be smarter with workers in the boardroom

WHEN legendary physicist Richard Feynman was called in to help solve the mystery of the 1986 Challenger space shuttle explosion, he didn't use advanced math. Instead, according to his own account of the incident, he talked to the engineers.