Stop working and go home: why long work days may not work

IN THE sitcom The Office, a bumbling manager spends much of his time distracting the hapless employees of a paper company's local sales branch. Somehow, despite all the antics that seem to interfere with getting anything done, the branch consistently manages to be the company's most profitable...

Companies might be smarter with workers in the boardroom

WHEN legendary physicist Richard Feynman was called in to help solve the mystery of the 1986 Challenger space shuttle explosion, he didn't use advanced math. Instead, according to his own account of the incident, he talked to the engineers.


Why are US employers hung up on hiring PhDs?

FOR a few lucky, talented and highly educated workers, the US job market is booming. Artificial-intelligence researchers sometimes make more than US$1 million a year. In the more general field of data science, salaries continue to rise despite a flood of new supply.


The economy can't shrug off the shutdown forever

FOR months now, commentators and economists have been warily eyeing the US economy and asking what will cause the next recession. Risky corporate debt seemed to be building up in the system, but with profits robust and interest rates low, servicing the debt didn't seem to be a problem. The...


Huawei case reveals the real US trade war with China

IF you only scan the headlines, you could be forgiven for thinking that the US-China trade war is mainly about tariffs. After all, the US President and trade-warrior-in-chief has called himself "Tariff Man"....


Tariff Man's trade war will claim innocent victims

IN a series of tweets this week, President Donald Trump announced that he was a "Tariff Man", trumpeting the revenue raised by tariffs and declaring that import taxes would maximise the US' economic power....