There's a silver lining to every crisis

GLOBAL stock markets set a record speed for crashes. Over the next six to twelve months, economic data is expected to be bleak. That is known. However, as investors it is our duty to consider the horizon beyond the next year as the market is a forward discounting mechanism. Large global...


Market gyrations present good opportunities to invest more

IT'S easy to get caught up and be affected by market noise - noise that you see or hear on the TV and the newspapers, or from your peers who are similarly invested in the stock market like you, buying and selling in accordance with the daily headlines.


Use trends as guiding beacons in gloomy markets

INVESTING based on trends is arguably the most important toolkit of any long-term investor. Its importance stems from its versatility as it may be used from a fundamental or technical perspective. 


Taking some profits off Asian High Yield

LAST July, a fellow columnist wrote about opportunities within the Asian high yield (HY) bond segment when investors raced for the exits as yields climbed. One year forward, I think it is apt to revisit this bond segment and review its attractiveness.