Keeping A Distance

Designers around the world show creative ways of social distancing in public areas.

Business Solutions

IT’S AN UNDERSTATEMENT to say that 2020 has been a tough year for businesses, big and small. But in every crisis there is opportunity, and as the pandemic throws up new challenges, it also brings with it a different set of needs. 

Purpose-Built Design

When you have clients who love entertaining at home, it is all too easy to throw wow factors into the design, creating an ostentatious home that visitors will remember for time to come.


Singapore Slings

Most gins come clear, but not Brass Lion Distillery’s Butterfly Pea Gin, which makes it a standout looks wise. The infusion of the familiar butterfly pea flower, also used to make kueh salat, gives this gin its lilac hue.


Party for Your Party

IT'S POLLING DAY. Battle lines have been drawn and political parties formed. No, we're not talking about the hustings, but parties of a different kind – the ones where food and a certain amount of alcohol are involved.

Skyrise Oasis

POLYTECHNIC LECTURER KERRIE Koh and architect Goy Zhenru have been friends for more than 20 years, so it was only natural that Ms Koh turned to her long-time pal to design her two-bedroom apartment at Telok Blangah.

Designs For A Better Life

Galven Lee and Suanne Chan who volunteer with HealthServe, designed a chatbot that provides accurate and timely information, such as Covid-19 situation updates, medical and emotional resources to migrant workers in an easy to understand manner.

Fresh Faced

WHEN AESTHETIC CLINICS were finally allowed to resume all services from June 19, aesthetic doctors Angela Hwee of The DRx Clinic and Gabriel Wong at SL Aesthetic Clinic were inundated with calls from clients wanting to resume their botox and injectable treatments.

Get Personal and Creative

Homegrown tea company, A.muse Projects, recently launched a bespoke blend service for customers.

Space: Lounging Safely

WHILE THERE WAS a massive queue at Ikea when the store reopened on June 19, it was a quieter affair for luxury furniture retailers. You may even find yourself the lone shopper, with the full attention of the sales personnel, who after weeks of not meeting customers face to face, are eager to...

Survival Strategies

THE PAST FEW months of the coronavirus pandemic have sent both big and small businesses into a tailspin, with many closing down even as others scramble to stay one step ahead of the economic Grim Reaper.

Bjorn Lee, CEO of

TEN YEARS AGO, when he suddenly experienced chest pains at the young age of 29, entrepreneur Bjorn Lee thought that he was having a heart attack.

Designer Home Office

EVEN BEFORE WORKING from home became the new normal, architect William Ng, founder of Studio Wills + Architects was already doing so. In fact, he had designed his three bedroom apartment at Serangoon Central specifically to accommodate both personal living and work.

Jazz Up The Home Work Space

IF A PAIN in your neck tells you it’s time to stop typing from your couch, then maybe you should look at creating a proper workspace now that working from home has become the new normal, at least for some time yet.

Best Face Forward

WORKING FROM HOME, and not being able to get a facial because it’s not allowed doesn’t mean you should stop caring for your face.

Pressure Points

HUNCHING OVER the computer for long hours is bound to leave the body with sores and aches. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, stimulating acupoints is said to relieve blockages and balance out yin and yang energy.

Designer Pursuits

How working from home spurred creatives to pursue their own passions.

The Staying Power of Bespoke Design

IN THESE CHALLENGING times, a long-term relationship is everything in business. Local designers and artisans are staying afloat – or even thriving – through new commissions by loyal customers who want to help them weather the storm.

Suzy Annetta, Editor-in-chief, Design Anthology

GROWING UP IN a single parent household, Suzy Annetta and her mother moved from one rental home to another. The pair would visit showhouses on the weekends, dreaming of what they would buy if they won the lottery.  

Architects and engineers suggest possible new ideas for future dormitories

A NEW set of standards for new Quick Build Dormitories which include no more than 10 beds in a room, at least 6 sqm of space per resident and the use of single rather than double-decker beds was announced at a Covid-19 Multi-Ministry Task Force virtual press conference on Monday.

Using Design To Battle Covid-19

AROUND THE WORLD, designers are not sitting still when it comes to battling the coronavirus pandemic. They may not be healthcare experts, but that is not stopping them from working together with medical professionals to find solutions, or even coming up with innovative creations of their own....

The Office Post Covid-19

June 2 marks the day when Singapore cautiously initiates its first phase of reopening after the end of the circuit breaker. For the majority of the workforce, it is status quo as working from home is still encouraged.

Taking Design Online

DESIGN MUSEUMS MAY not be considered essential businesses, but they’ve made sure you’re still able to visit them. Several have created virtual tours of their spaces and specially curated programmes for the stay home crowd. Even if you’re not an architecture or design geek, this is a great...

Soy Goodness

SOYBEANS ARE USUALLY used to make tempeh, tofu, soy sauce, soy milk, and tau huay.

Focusing on the Present

WE’RE ALMOST midway through 2020 and thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, many are left wondering, “what is happening, why is this happening, and what’s coming next.”