Darkness and Light

WHENEVER a terrace house project falls into the lap of an architect or interior designer, the brief is the same regardless of whether it’s located in the prime district or city outskirts: “give us more light”. By virtue of such houses getting light only from the back or front, designers then...

Shapes of the Future

IN A CORNER of the National Design Centre sits a ‘creature’ from outer space. It has five long black arms mounted on a dome, each with three fingers. Once in a while, the arms come alive, moving in dance-like motions, almost reaching out to touch the visitor. Its name is Flagella, a machine...

Shophouse Appeal

FOR DALIAN-BORN ARTIST Zhu Hong who arrived in Singapore in 1997, painting offered a source of spiritual and mental support when he found himself alone and new in a foreign land.

Saving Hongbao

If you find yourself left with an overwhelming number of empty red packets from Chinese New Year, don’t just trash them - ‘bank’ them in.

In-room mini bar

Staycation options are plenty in Singapore, so it is no wonder that hotel and serviced apartments industry players are always dreaming up novel ways to woo customers.


Sales galleries get more creative to woo buyers

DEVELOPERS in Singapore's private housing market, particularly the high-end segment, have upped the ante on creativity by offering more at sales galleries, from virtual walk-throughs to elegant hotel-style lounges with coffee bars and more smart home features to wow potential buyers.

A Minimalist Touch

YOU WON’T FIND a profusion of kumquat trees or bright red scrolls decorating Rachel Tan’s Bukit Timah home for Chinese New Year. Not for the entrepreneur whose design studio Urban Li’l retails its own festive decorations which are designed in-house using laser-cutting and printing techniques....

Keeping Traditions Alive

FOR MANY CHINESE families, the reunion dinner is perhaps the most important meal of the year.

Go For Gold

Need a last minute Chinese New Year touch for the home?

Showroom SPA

The sales pitch 'try before you buy' becomes a reality at the Kohler Experience Centre, where its bath and shower products are displayed in an interactive space spread over different themes such as fashion and hi-tech. But the highlight of the space is the Experiential Spa, which customers can...

Singapore architects, engineers sign green petition

SINGAPORE may not have bushfires or major floods to deal with but this does not mean that the country has no environmental problems. Future climate projections include rising daily mean temperatures, rising sea levels, and more frequent and heavy rainfall as the world gets warmer.

Playing With Light

Fans of international art collective teamLab who have been to their two exhibitions in Tokyo can see more of their work in Singapore.

Art On Foot

If you are heading to Little India this weekend, keep an eye out for a group of peacocks.

House Proud

Rats are known to be ambitious, intelligent and resourceful, and often have a mischievous air about them. This sculpture, which comes in petite and large size, is available in clear crystal, gold-lustre or black. 

Honey, I Shrunk Chinatown

Singaporeans Caleb Lin and Terra Chua have an unusual way of remembering the nation’s past. They create miniature figures, which they sell through their brand, Miniature Stories.

Show Me The Money

These six angpao designs aren’t restricted to Chinese New Year use only. They’re made by local creative Pine on Paper, who teamed up with artists Pearlyn and Paper and Dora Prints and Paper Goods.

Breaking Ground In Sharjah

IT HAS NO record-breaking buildings such as Dubai’s Burj Khalifa or Abu Dhabi’s Louvre Museum. Instead, the Emirate of Sharjah has put itself on the map as the cultural hub of the Arab World for its work in preserving and promoting culture at the local, Arab and Islamic levels. In 1998, UNESCO...

Holiday Fun

OVERSEAS HOLIDAYS ARE now more of a norm than an exception, with family discussions likely to include whether to stay in Asia or head out to Iceland or South America over the school holiday breaks.

Health Food Revamp

For 16 years, Cedele at Wheelock Place was the go-to eatery for healthy sustenance with its emphasis on wholesome, unprocessed meals.

Lucky Strike

Soak in the luck and festive atmosphere at Huat Huat Land, a specially set-up playground on the roof garden of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre to welcome the Year of the Rat.

Personal Space

This terrace house was retrofitted to address each family member’s needs.

Trends for the 2020s

EXPECT PLANT-BASED FOOD to go mainstream, as more major food companies such as Tyson Foods, Kellogg and Nestle offer their own plant-based products to compete with those of Impossible Food and Beyond Meat.

Toh Yah Li, Director of Light Collab

Light can illuminate a building, make a space feel cosy and even heal a rift in a marriage. Just ask lighting designer Toh Yah Li, director of Light Collab, who once met a couple who were squabbling over the lighting in their home. One of them found it too dark, while the other said it was too...