DAFs still quite new concept: charities index

SINGAPORE was among the top 10 most generous countries in 2018 - according to CAF World Giving Index published by Charities Aid Foundation, a British charity - with 58 per cent willing to donate money to a charitable cause.

Swee Kee and Ka Soh start next chapter

AT Swee Kee Eating House in Amoy Street, the homegrown family restaurant business marking its 80th anniversary this year, there was always a fair chance that customers would get to see a fellow diner being given a rather public dressing down - by a member of the restaurant's wait staff.

Lab-grown meat that's simply Shiok

THE future of food may lie in lab-grown cell-based meat. And it's not just plant-based "meat" patties in burgers that are taking the world by storm. On March 29, Shiok Meats unveiled its first ever cell-based shrimp dumpling at The Disruption in Food and Sustainability Summit (DFSS).


Flying the flag high for women riders

THE excitement emanating from the four members of the first all-female OCBC Cycle Speedway Club Championship team is palpable, and understandably so.


More women needed for STEM jobs

HAN WEN, a 32-year-old science graduate, did not pursue a career in her field of study.

Early birds catch The Hummingbird Project

EIGHTY lucky subscribers to The Business Times stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to tech thriller film, The Hummingbird Project, a film by Kim Nguyen. To join, simply take part in a contest via the SPH Rewards app.


Oddle provides eateries with one-stop tech solutions to grow

MORE businesses are turning to technology to provide services to customers. This can be illustrated in the food industry where online marketplaces such as Deliveroo and GrabFood have made food delivery easier with the use of technological solutions.