The Enterprise Award

Award Criteria

This award is open to all enterprises in Singapore. The criteria for the Enterprise Award are categorised into four areas:

  • Innovation
  • Financial Performance/Productivity
  • Company Management
  • Contribution to the Community


The success of the company in innovation of either products, services or new markets. Particular attention will be focussed on the company's penetration of overseas markets drawing on enterprise and expertise of its Singapore base.

Financial Performance/Productivity

The company must have an outstanding and sustained growth in profit. The age of a company will be taken into consideration in relation to profit track record. The company must have taken positive steps and made conscious efforts towards improving its productivity level.

Company Management

The organisation must display an effective management style and have a viable organisational structure. The company must have a track record of establishing and maintaining harmonious relations within the organisation and set examples for the industry it is in.

Contribution to the Community

The company's contribution to the community will be considered favourably.