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Bored by US$1,000-an-hour pay, lawyer hunts Wall St scores

Dan Brockett has become a securities watchdog-for-hire, a role that could grow more prominent in an anti-regulatory era

Mr Brockett has developed a network of sources across Wall Street who send disgruntled bankers his way.  Some of his whistle-blowers also file claims with regulators. They're then eligible for a cut of the government's financial recovery. Mr Brockett is feared on Wall Street and envied by his peers, who also question some of the aggressive tactics he uses to snag clients. He says he has won 90 per cent of his cases, counting settlements.

New York

TEN years ago, lawyer Dan Brockett and his colleagues opted for the equivalent of ditching an office job for a career as a big-game hunter.

As Wall Street cratered during the financial crisis, Mr Brockett helped lead the firm's move away from representing the world's...

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