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Unleash the data: Minister

I'm not sure which is the bigger news: That Singapore Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Vivian Balakrishnan stays up late to code, or that he advocates the releasing of more data.

OK, since we do try to be serious around here, let's start with the data part. I think the natural inclination in this blog is to cheer any move toward releasing more information. Most of the time, transparency beats opacity. Of course, as a contact very perceptively pointed out earlier today, too much information can be very confusing. Analysis is required to make sense of data, and it can be really hard to come up with quality analysis (see this wonderful site with spurious correlations).

But enough of that. How about the Minister turning out to be a coder? I chuckled a little when I read that he'd taken up coding to hack computer games, because I can identify. I learned how to programme as a kid because I wanted to write my own computer games. I learned about hex editing because I wanted to hack my saved games. See mum? All that time spent on games was very educational! For the coders among you, what was your motivation?

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