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Industry consultation paper for Singapore Failure Day

"My favourite recommendation in the (conference) for Singapore is to establish a national day to celebrate failure," - Pasi Sahlberg, Finnish education expert, in TODAY, Apr 9, 2015. Finland celebrates an annual Day For Failure on Oct 13 - "the best day to show some stupidity, error estimation, awkward moments, and other fails to the world."


Proposed Tentative Potential Maybe Guidelines for Singapore Failure Day

Proposed Name Amendment:
Name of day should be changed to Singapore Deferred Success Day. This is because "failure" belongs to the National List of Things That Singaporeans Are Not Ready For. This list includes car licence plates that spell "SEX", upside-down bartop dancing and Season 5 of HBO's Game of Thrones overtaking the book's existing storyline.

Rationale for adoption:
Singapore Deferred Success Day will be essential to the value-creation of an integrated and holistic smart nation, that will be able to fully leverage the future to create organisational and cross-skill synergies.

All Singapore Deferred Success Day activities will be coordinated by the new Centre for Non-Excellence and Mediocrity.

Defer Success Today, Be More Successfuller Tomorrow.

All eligible activities on the Day itself will be termed Deferred Success (note capitalisation), to avoid confusion with ordinary "failure" (note lowercase spelling) on remaining 364 days of year.

Exams will be held across all schools, which students must take without studying beforehand. In the 48 hours leading up to the examination, students will be held in containment areas, under constant surveillance. They must refrain from studying for all 48 hours.
A failure (note lowercase spelling) to not study will not be eligible for a Deferred Success credit, as this failure would not have occurred on the Day itself.
Singapore Deferred Success Day will also coincide with the day that ACS students receive their Chinese exam results.

Telcos and Internet service providers nationwide will time their respective service breakdowns to fall on Singapore Deferred Success Day. Extra credit will be accorded to any operator that manages to disrupt the broadcast of an English Premier League match. If a winning goal is scored during the service outage, the operator in question will be eligible for a tax break.

Stock Exchange:
Compulsory for stock market to close lower by end of trading day. All local listed companies must announce an ill-advised acquisition of a startup that has no discernible value in order to dampen* sentiment. 
(*Note: This recommendation is currently under review, based on feedback that such acquisitions will cause market to rally instead.)

In keeping with the spirit of the Day, the occasion will be business as usual for PR agencies. 

International Reach:
Singapore will spearhead initiative to establish Global Failure Index, because failing is pointless without knowing which country is failing the best. Aim to be ranked number one* on Index by 2020.
(*Note: This recommendation is also under review, based on feedback that successful Deferred Success would mean coming last on Index, not first. But counter-feedback has found that Deferring Success successfully would mean that Sucess has not been Deferred but brought forward, which would make it very sucessful, i.e. a failure. Review committee has suspended further meetings until collective headache subsides.)

Proposed date of Singapore Deferred Success Day:
June 31st.

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