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Singaporeans helping to make the world a better place

Some say their move was a result of serendipity. Others say it was a deliberate choice. These are their stories.


BT Weekend speaks to Singaporeans who have left the comfort of home to ease pain and privation elsewhere.

Bernard Lee with his wife and two daughters, Danielle (with black hair) and Petra (blond hair) in Danang. Mr Lee and his wife had felt a calling towards Vietnam, and a series of coincidences then led them to move there - permanently.

Mak Chun Kit in Mexico. “I came into the country and I found a documentary subject and I found a network. I strongly believe that I was meant to be there at that time.” His film is scheduled to be out next year.

Sarah Tan with a savings group, starting off a meeting with singing. "I can't really imagine doing anything else that doesn't meaningfully help to bring people out of poverty," she says

IT took Bernard Lee and his family nearly two years to get used to the traffic in Danang.

In the sea of fluid chaos that is traffic in the Vietnamese seaside city, the Lees constantly found themselves in near-accidents. Mr Lee's younger daughter found a way to make sense of it: Truck...

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