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Ya Kun’s tradition in transition

The iconic combination of kaya toast, eggs and kopi has been the ultimate local breakfast throughout Singapore’s history. But does it still have a place in our future?

Some things just don’t change, like Ya Kun’s kaya toast, eggs and kopi. Executive chairman Adrin Loi takes a trip down memory lane and gives us a glimpse of what lies ahead.


"During training, we lose 80 to 100 eggs, but it’s okay. It’s part of their training. We train until they’re perfect," said Mr Loi.

To date, Ya Kun has more than 50 outlets in Singapore, with one-third of them being franchisees. Their franchise model soon led to the first overseas Ya Kun outlet in Indonesia, in 2002. Now, Ya Kun has a presence in eight countries abroad, with more than 50 overseas stores.

AS the weekend rolls around at long last, imagine if you will, the leisurely breakfast you will have. You might get some crusty bread topped with a lustrous green spread, alongside some runny eggs that wobble just so. These, you will wash down with a nice, strong brew. Now, at this point, the...

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