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Keeping the crown jewels safe

Cyber security is fast becoming a top priority for organisations worldwide, but many companies still lack a concrete plan of action.

Ms Lee: 'The organisation needs to identify the top three high impact cyber security threats (to its crown jewels)'

Mr Borenstein: 'Fraud prevention teams can tap on big data analytics to help them identify fraud more rapidly'

Mr Loy: 'Managing cyber risks and how an organisation protects its core data and information assets is critical to sustainable growth'

Mr Thio: 'Most businesses are not doing enough in the battle against cyber crime with many missing critical security protections'

WHETHER it's procuring raw materials, balancing the books or managing customers, doing business online has become the default mode of operation for companies around the world.

As a result, minimising the risk of disruption to an organisation's digital systems has become a key priority for...

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