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Children prep for the robot economy

Children at the Tufts summer camp in Massachusetts pick up kiddie skills of the future economy as early as age two - debugging robots, learning code and dealing with tech glitches.

Robots slugging it out at a " football match" in RoboCup 2017 in Nagoya, Japan. Educators working with children in robotics say the bigger point is to teach computational thinking - breaking down problems into smaller parts and creating plans to solve them with prototypes, feedback and revisions.

Medford, Massachusetts

AMORY KAHAN, seven, wanted to know when it would be snack time. Harvey Borisy, five, complained about a scrape on his elbow. And Declan Lewis, eight, was wondering why the two-wheeled wooden robot he was programming to do the Hokey Pokey wasn't working. He sighed: "...

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