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This is the only game in town for 3 US counties

The bustling Pueblo Mall in Pueblo, Colorado, built in 1976, has become the city's social hub; it is among those regional malls that have tailored themselves to their consumers

The Pueblo Mall is an outlier in the age of, when nearly anything you can think of can be delivered to your front stoop within hours. The mall does not track visitors but, based on sales trends, traffic has increased 3% to 5% in the past year. Now it's also among the city's main employers.

Pueblo, Colorado

HAIR freshly done from the beauty parlour on a recent Friday morning, Ada Clark, 93, and her daughter Carol, 63, met in front of the JC Penney in the Pueblo Mall, about 100 miles south of Denver. Their afternoon plan: a walk around the mall, followed by lunch at Red...

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