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Steering through the financial maze

Mr Collyns: To get out of the current stagnation trap, we need to see deeper reforms that will boost productivity and raise profits.

Mr Koll: To overcome the deflationary dynamics of the 'savings glut' we will need to see an aggressive boost to investment spending.

Mr Thomson: Fiscal policy has to play a much more active role and we see the G-20 ministers giving support to infrastructure investment, perhaps supported by central bank financing.

Mr Sheard: If the problem is too much savings relative to investment, there are two solutions: lower savings or raise investment.


  • Charles Collyns, managing director and chief economist, Institute of International Finance, Washington DC;
  • Jesper Koll, chief executive officer, Wisdom Tree, Tokyo, Japan;
  • Paul Sheard, chief global economist, Standard &
  • ...

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