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Chile inflation data was manipulated for three months in 2018

[SANTIAGO] An audit by Chile's statistics agency INE found that inflation data was manipulated for three months last year, the agency said on Friday.

The irregularities slightly altered the monthly readings for August, October and November of 2018, INE said in a statement.

INE, which announced the investigation earlier this week, has said it suspended the head of its consumer pricing division.

August inflation should have been 0.1 per cent instead of 0.2 per cent as reported, INE said. In September there were also signs of manipulation, but they did not alter the month's reading of 0.3 per cent.

While there was no indication of irregularities in October, the month's reading should have been 0.5 per cent instead of 0.4 per cent due to the erroneous comparison base of September, INE added.

In November, manipulated data did not affect the monthly figure, it added.


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