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PUB fines 2 building contractors for discharging silty water into public drains

THE Public Utilities Board (PUB) has fined Chye Joo Construction S$30,300 and The Builders (Hup Huat) S$14,400 for flouting earth control measures (ECM) regulations.

Both contractors were penalised for not complying with the conditions of clearance certificates issued by PUB before commencing construction works, the national water agency said on Thursday.

Chye Joo Construction was also charged for discharging silty water containing suspended particles or total suspended solids at a concentration higher than allowable limits.

Its worksites inspected by PUB were at Jalan Gali Batu, Jurong Road and North Buona Vista Road.

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Undersized silty water treatment plants were built at Jalan Gali Batu and Jurong Road, which caused silty water to enter roadside drains and waterways. Other ECM violations include failure to install a perimeter drain to channel surface run-off to a holding pond, not erecting a complete silt fence along the earth drain within a worksite, and not covering large bare areas with erosion control blankets.

At the North Buona Vista Road worksite, silt was allowed to build up within the onsite ECM treatment plant, leading to an overload and eventual discharge of silty water into public drainage.

Meanwhile, The Builders (Hup Huat) were fined for ECM-related offences at its Tampines Avenue 5 and Fernvale Street worksites.

It had failed to implement ECM according to approved plans, which should have included an adequate silty water treatment plant and construction of cut-off drains to contain silty water within the site. No CCTV system was also in place to monitor discharge water quality before it entered the public drainage system.

The offences were uncovered between October and December 2018 during regular inspections of construction sites and investigations from public feedback.

PUB said all contractors are required to plan and implement ECM at their construction sites to remove the silt from water before it is discharged into public drains. Failure to do so will cause silt to build up in waterways, affecting the channel of stormwater flow.