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Vote for us to work for you and make PAP work harder: SDP

SDP's "alternative vision" includes a Singapore where Singaporeans come first when it comes to job offers

Dr Chee (second from right) said while his party is offering an alternative vision to that of the PAP, it doesn't rule out working with the PAP to produce an even better outcome for Singaporeans.


A SINGAPORE where Singaporeans - and not foreigners - come first when it comes to job offers. A Singapore where workers enjoy a minimum wage that keeps up with inflation, where public housing flats are "truly affordable" and where retirees can withdraw all their CPF money.

That's the "alternative vision" the Singapore Democratic Party led by Chee Soon Juan is offering in this general election to Singapore voters, whom the opposition party claims are unhappy under the People's Action Party's rule.

Speaking at their final rally on Wednesday night in the Holland-Bukit Timah group representation constituency, SDP candidates took turn to touch on the different aspects of the party's alternative vision.

Sidek Mallek, who is part of the SDP team fighting the PAP for the four-member Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, kicked off the rally telling voters that the party is "passionate", "genuine", "serious" and "credible" in drawing up its vision.

He called on voters to cast away their fear and vote for the SDP's 11 candidates to be their voice in Parliament - and to realise the alternative vision.

Sadasivam Veriyah, SDP's candidate for the Bukit Batok single-member ward - where there's a three-cornered fight between the SDP, PAP and independent challenger Samir Salim Neji - reminded voters that his party's mission to win the election is motivated by a concern for Singaporeans; care for them; and a commitment to solve their problems.

"We want to be voted into Parliament not for the money, but we want to be your voice," he said.

SDP's candidate for the single ward Yuhua, Go Hui Leng, countered the PAP's claim that the SDP will bankrupt Singapore if its proposals, especially the call for a minimum wage, are implemented.

She said if Singapore doesn't go broke by paying PAP ministers high salaries, the highest among ministers in the world, then it could also afford to improve Singaporeans' welfare.

Khung Wai Yeen, SDP's candidate for Bukit Panjang single ward, pointed out that the ruling party's so-called "progressive wage model" already features a minimum wage.

Chong Wai Fung, an SDP team- member for Holland-Bukit Timah, suggested that her party is offering alternative policies which will undo many of the PAP's policies making Singaporeans unhappy - the high cost of living, difficulty in securing jobs, an over-crowded environment and the neglect of old people.

She urged for more opposition members to be voted into Parliament to ensure that Singaporeans can have a say in shaping their future.

Dr Chee, SDP's lead candidate for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, said while his party is offering an alternative vision to that of the PAP - which Ms Chong claimed to be "more of the same" policy that's already in place - it doesn't rule out working with the ruling party to produce even better outcome for Singaporeans.

"We're not saying our vision is cast in stone or it's perfect," the SDP leader said.

His parting message for voters is: Send us into Parliament to work for you - and to make the PAP ministers work harder.


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