10 years after Lehman

Sep 10, 2018 05:50 AM

Singapore can't avoid next crisis, but it can strengthen its resilience: Heng

A GLANCE outside the window of his Shenton Way office at the height of the 2008 global financial crisis was all it took...

Lehman's lessons: The hedge fund manager

Dymon Asia co-founder and chief investment officer Danny Yong learned not to chase a mistake when Lehman Brothers collapsed, and spots new reasons for concern.

Lehman's lessons: The market operator

Singapore Exchange chief risk officer Agnes Koh stuck to the principles to navigate new situations during the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.

Lehman's lessons: The central banker

Finance minister and former MAS managing director Heng Swee Keat recalls how the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers sent shockwaves through the economy.

In face of crisis's twists, old principles guide new solutions

WHEN the shockwave of Lehman Brothers' collapse hit Singapore 10 years ago, it sent the economy and markets reeling in unprecedented ways.

Gear up for the next global catastrophe

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: Ten years on from the 2008 global economic crisis, what do you think is the biggest risk to the world economy today?

A decade on, Great Recession's ghost still haunting markets

A DECADE after Lehman Brothers' 2008 bankruptcy, the fallout from the Great Recession continues to threaten today's financial markets.

What could happen when the next crisis strikes?

Amid the inflated asset prices, excessive borrowing and threat of the unknown as central banks unwind their crisis-era policies, what impact could these have on the various asset classes?

Bernanke admits Fed made mistakes in tackling crisis

FORMER US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke acknowledged that policy makers made two critical errors fighting the financial crisis a decade ago: They failed to see it coming with such force, then underestimated how much economic damage it would cause later.