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Champions for the environment

These three Brands for Good 2019 Honourees are going beyond the bottom line to do right by the environment

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Ivy Heng, Watch Water CEO

Amozonia: Connecting clients to nature

Landscaping company Amozonia's founder, Mr Rajendran, believes in connecting their clients to nature. The company's wide-ranging clientele includes the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, which won the inaugural Stephen R. Kellert Biophilic Design Award, beating out rivals from America and Japan. 

"Nature plays an important role in human wellbeing," said Mr Rajendran. "Biophilic design seeks to engage people through a variety of sensory and external stimuli including sight, smell, sound, biodiversity and community, and in this regard furnishes a healing environment that refreshes and revitalises." The firm was named Champion at this year’s Brands for Good Awards under the "Environment - Sustainable Resource Use" category.

To achieve sustainable resource use, Amozonia proposes the use of products that are reusable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly in their designs. The firm's soil mixes are comprised of 50 per cent organic compost from discarded horticultural waste, while the plant materials it uses are mainly drought tolerant and requires very minimal maintenance and water.

To achieve its mission of enhancing the balance between humans and nature in its designs and installations, Amozonia pays specific attention to the natural habitat for butterflies, birds and fishes, while incorporating an atmosphere filled with natural sights, sounds and scents.

Said Mr Rajendran: "An infusion of these factors in our design at the start of the concept stage, enables us to achieve a garden that is therapeutic. It creates space for the stakeholders to fulfil their needs and aspiration in enhancing their well-being."

Aeon Healthcare: Reducing medicine wastage

Medication non-compliance – or a failure to adhere to medication schedules or prescribed dosages – leads to a greater incidence of hospitalisation and deaths. Aiming to nip this problem in the bud, Aeon Healthcare is targeting to develop an app that sends timely reminders to patients as well as monitor dosages.

Aeon’s business has a positive impact on the environment. As a Singapore study estimated that S$663 worth of medicines per patient per year is thrown away, Ivan Chew, CEO of Aeon Healthcare, noted that "with proper adherence, we would reduce such wastage while maximising the health outcome for patients." The firm was an Honouree in the "Patents - Protecting The Environment" award category.

Just as importantly, Aeon's app also serves as a window for healthcare professionals to obtain important insights into their patients' conditions. "With one in five people expected to be over 60 by 2030, Singapore will soon have to grapple with a 'silver tsunami', which will only gather momentum as our life expectancy rate rises," said Mr Chew. 

"In such a context, medication non-compliance, especially among the elderly, remains a challenge which, if left unchecked, will not only put pressure on hospitals but also frustrate efforts to move healthcare upstream towards prevention rather than cure. An app that can contribute to upstream healthcare and avert acute episodes is therefore timely," he added. 

Watch Water: Developing environmental solutions

The importance of water cannot be overstated. In addition to its function in maintaining good health, water also plays a critical role in sustaining diverse ecosystems. For its innovative water-treatment solutions, Watch Water – a local water-treatment company tracing its roots to the multinational Watch Water GmbH and prominent author Deepak Chopra – received recognition as an Honouree in the "Environment - Managing Environmental Impact" category. 
"Our products helps to preserve and enhance the environment, such as through reviving dead rivers or treating industrial wastewater. The products are also eco-friendly and do not generate additional waste that are harmful to the environment," said Ivy Heng, Watch Water's CEO. The company’s solutions can be applied in industrial wastewater treatment, cooling tower water treatment, aquaculture, as well as rivers and  reservoirs.

"As some of our product are regenerable, their lifespans are longer than similar products in the market, helping our customers solve their worries in a cost-effective manner, while being able to conserve the environment," said Ms Heng.

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