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Building on the E50 Awards advantage

We ask our winners: What are some plans you have for the future after winning the E50 Award? Below are their responses

Darren Ang, Contracts Director, Zheng Keng Engineering & Construction

Lau Kok Hui, CEO, Vector InfoTech

Ajay Bhattacharya, Managing Director, Fortrec Chemicals and Petroleum

Andre Huber, Executive Director, Huber’s

Lee Seng Shoy, Managing Director, Hong Guan (Tackle)

Damien Tan, COO, The Benjamin Barker Group

Wilson Ang Poh Seong, CEO and Executive Director, Viva Industrial Trust Management

Wendy Huang, CEO, Singapore Medical Specialists Centre

R Sakthi, CEO, Lintec Concrete Technologies

Lam Keng Yew, Managing Director, Onn Wah Precision Engineering

Flora Lee, Managing Director, Millennium 3 Building Products.

Koh Hock Seng, Managing Director, Exceltec Property Management

Zheng Keng Engineering & Construction
Darren Ang, Contracts Director

ZHENG Keng is very honoured to receive the Enterprise 50 Awards this year and we would like to thank the organisers for this valuable platform, which allows local enterprises to showcase themselves. Moving forward, we hope the E50 Award will bring about greater business opportunities for Zheng Keng's construction, development and related ceramic ware businesses, allowing us to further integrate and expand our capabilities. We aim to further entrench the Zheng Keng brand into the local psyche and bring about a slow and steady evolution of the company.

Asiatic Agricultural Industries
Chan Chek Chee, Chairman

THE E50 Award is a recognition of the solid foundation that we have built over the years and an affirmation that we are pursuing growth in the right direction. In line with our mission of contributing towards food security and safeguarding public health, the next wave of growth for the company will focus on leveraging technological innovations to deliver better solutions and greater value to our clients. We will continue to invest in the development of human capital and expansion into new territories at the right time.

Market voices on:

Sam Lain Equipment Services
Ben Ong, Managing Director

WE are indeed honoured to be presented with this E50 Award and will continue to strive for better financial results and improve productivity as well as enhancing our Corporate Governance. We would like to thank all our staff for helping us achieve this Award and share this accolade with all of them.

Ya Kun (S)
Adrin Loi, Executive Chairman

YA Kun shall continue to focus on strengthening its core values and competencies to realise its ambition to be a long-term competitive, innovative and environmentally sustainable business enterprise. It resolves to achieve greater operational excellence, continuing to imbibe its strong passion to build its corporate branding and embarking on relentless research to create healthier food options for the discerning customers. We will fulfil our manifest destiny in the face of external challenges and increasingly competitive global environment.

Vector InfoTech
Lau Kok Hui, CEO

PLANS ahead are exciting, multi-pronged and focused, with targeted approaches to bring Vector InfoTech group to the next higher level of growth. In the past two years, we had stepped up internationalisation expansion plans. Today our global reach extends to over 15 countries. While our current markets continue to grow steadily, we expect to be aggressively engaged in serving new regional markets with our core competencies, i.e. industrial infrastructural & communication technologies. The next few years will be exciting.

TS Group
Shamkumar Subramani, Director

TS Group is honoured to be a recipient of the E50 Awards. Our focus has always been to "To serve the underserved". Moving forward, we aim to expand into eldercare where we feel we can contribute with our expertise in management.

Fortrec Chemicals and Petroleum
Ajay Bhattacharya, Managing Director

OUR winning the E50 Award is due to the support by our partners with whom we have been working closely for many years. Building on this success, we took the decision in the last year to expand our trading operations into the asset side of the petrochemicals business following our successful investment into one of the largest solvent producers in China several years ago. With this in mind we founded our Fortrec Capital arm which is driving our company strategy of trading around assets.

G Ocean Trading
Goh Seng Wee, Managing Director

A FIFTH of the past E50 winners have gone on to be listed. We will work hard to get into that 20 per cent. Our heartfelt thanks to the E50 organisers for helping local companies differentiate themselves in an increasing crowded and challenging market.

Times Software
Charles Liaw, Managing Director

WINNING the E50 Award gives us renewed confidence in our planned overseas expansion into emerging markets in the region. We believe that the potential for growth in the Asean economy is tremendous and will be exciting in the coming years. That is why we are planning to grab this opportunity to branch out and position ourselves as a market leader in Asean.

GeoAlliance Consultants
Niu Jian Xin, Managing Director

WINNING the E50 Award is a big milestone for our young and yet vibrant company. Engineering consultancy is a people-oriented business where diligent and dedicated staff can truly add value to our projects, that is why we always believe in developing our engineers in tandem with growth of the company. On our next lap, we will strengthen our team and achieve a brand company in a sustainable manner to tap new opportunities in the local and overseas markets.

Netpoleon Solutions
Francis Goh, Managing Director

THIS award validates our hard work. But most importantly, our teamwork. As the regional HQ, the Singapore entity serves as a platform to transfer our knowledge to our other South-east Asia offices. To better compete and grow, Netpoleon has accepted strategic investment from Macnica, a US$4 billion Japanese company in the same business. Macnica will provide the necessary financial strength and technical/commercial execution expertise to further spearhead Netpoleon's growth beyond South-east Asia and add value to vendors, channel partners and end-users alike.

Andre Huber, Executive Director

WE will continue to improve our product and service quality, as well as product offerings. We are also looking to expand our factory operations to cater to the increased demand as well as to be able to export our products to overseas markets. The increased factory space would allow opportunities for new complementary businesses.

Hong Guan (Tackle)
Lee Seng Shoy, Managing Director

I AM both honoured and humbled to be one of the E50 Awards winners this year. It is great to be judged by a panel of very stringent and professional external "auditors" and to be shortlisted. This is an endorsement that our business model has been right. We will continue to scale greater heights. Finally, my heartfelt gratitude to my team for contributing to our continual success.

Image Creative Design
Roger Tan, Director

ARMED with the experience of serving commercial and residential clients for more than two decades, we feel that we are now ready to establish a stronger foothold in the regional markets, namely Malaysia, Thailand and China, by setting up local offices to better service our clients and explore new market opportunities. Regional work will also expose our staff to more ideas and increase their knowledge which helps them in terms of their professional development. Moving forward, we will prepare and equip the team to achieve our long term goal to go IPO when the time is right.

The Benjamin Barker Group
Damien Tan, COO

WE hope to expand our footprint overseas, especially in Asia as our apparel is fitted for the Asian male. We are currently looking at reaching out to prospective partners in countries like Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. To accentuate the customers' overall shopping experience, we are also creating exciting F&B concepts, such as a multifaceted retail space to meet our customers' physiological and social needs - feeding their hunger and providing a space to bond with their friends and family.

PurpleClick Media
Stanley Tay, CEO

PURPLECLICK is humbled to be recognised among the Top 50 finalists for E50 2017. Winning this award drives us to focus on our regional expansion and accelerate our plan to bring digital marketing to the masses. We are constantly looking out to partner with clients and stakeholders for exciting new innovations, providing greater business value to companies locally and abroad. With this E50 title, we are excited to scale this homegrown brand further with more joint ventures in existing and new territories.

Viva Industrial Trust Management
Wilson Ang Poh Seong, CEO and Executive Director

VIT remains committed to aligning our growth with the government's pro-growth programmes. We will continue to focus on actively marketing the remaining vacant spaces within our portfolio and target to achieve higher positive rental reversions for our lease renewals. While we would explore opportunities to acquire quality industrial properties that meet our investment criteria, we remain prudent and selective in our acquisition approach so as to deliver sustainable growth to our Stapled Securityholders.

Jimmy Neo, Managing Director

THE E50 Award is another achievement for the company. We believe in "doing good, doing right and everything will fall in place and turn out well". It shows that as long as the company continues to strive for its beliefs, it will scale new heights. We will continue to remain aligned to our ideals, re-engineer when necessary, and stay relevant to our strategic purpose. We like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, partners and associates that are supportive of us all these years.

Singapore Medical Specialists Centre
Wendy Huang, CEO

IN Singapore, we intend to make our specialist care the most affordable in the private sector through the use of cutting-edge technology and the expertise of our team of experienced specialists, doing away with long waiting times and the need to make multiple appointments. We will also be bringing our unique Singapore model and branding overseas to the regional countries. Winning this award is recognition of the strength of the company and will spur us to greater heights.

Lam Kee Fisheries
Chew Kim Koon, Managing Director

WINNING the E50 Award serves as a recognition of the entire company's efforts to build, grow and achieve greater heights. Every member of the Lam Kee family will be sharing this honour with all stakeholders - our suppliers and customers. With this award, we are confident that our plans for global expansion and internationalisation are on the right track and poised for more opportunities into unchartered territories.

Lintec Concrete Technologies
R Sakthi, CEO

WINNING the E50 Award is a recognition of our efficiency, reliability, teamwork and to our commitment in "going global". This will give us a platform to enjoy greater opportunities to internationalise and explore new markets.

Although our construction machinery business is getting tough with a lot of challenges due to competition from China and India, we have grown significantly by providing innovative and custom-made plants to the clients and we have made ourselves a reliable and consistent strategic alliance to our clients.

Some of our plans are:

  • Lead by innovation and create products which will save energy cost and are environmentally friendly.
  • Explore new markets and set up satellite offices to be effective and closer to the clients.
  • Embrace new media and digital marketing to reach clients globally.
  • Participate in international exhibitions to create brand awareness.
  • Apply our technology to other industries such as waste management and recycling industry.
  • Engage with government agencies such as IE to find overseas partners, business opportunities, and promote our brands globally.

Mr Bean International
Loh Jwee Poh, Founder & CEO

WE are very honoured to be a winner of E50 Awards 2017. This is a significant milestone for the organisation as we are now among the top 50 private organisations in Singapore. The award will propel us to achieve greater results and increase business opportunities both in the local & regional markets. We will continue our expertise and success in soya products and will work towards our vision of building a soya kingdom in the retail and manufacturing sector.

Aik Soon Hardware
Quek Bok Teck, Chairman

THIS award serves not only as recognition but also provides a strong platform for us to further outreach both locally and abroad. Our business growth formula is to journey abroad seeking out alternative opportunities and also strengthening our brand identity in Singapore with human capital investment and expansion. As a small enterprise, we intend to seek cooperation and piggyback on more established larger companies, or joint ventures with foreign firms possessing considerable market experience to internationalise our footprint.

David Chiem, Founder, Chairman & Group CEO

APART from Singapore, the UAE, the Philippines and Australia, we view China, United States and United Kingdom markets as potential key strategic target markets for our global expansion, from which we can access other target markets such as New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea and Vietnam. Our vision has always been to take the MindChamps education movement to the world.

Onn Wah Precision Engineering
Lam Keng Yew, Managing Director

WINNING the E50 Awards is a great honour. Our business of providing contract manufacturing service from Singapore has not been easy as we are in a high cost environment with labour constraints. Many of our overseas customers question our competitiveness in the long run. With great effort in continual improvement and building engineering knowledge, we manage to prove that we can. Winning this award re-affirms our effort and helps us continue this journey.

Creative Eateries
Anthony Wong, CEO

THE nomination process for E50 was a great learning experience for us. It provided an excellent opportunity to conduct a thorough audit, highlight areas of improvement and use financial models to guide us forward. The award reaffirms our vision to penetrate the region and be known for our passion in F&B management.

Millennium 3 Building Products
Flora Lee, Managing Director

WE have been eyeing this prestigious award for quite a while and now that we are in it, we will aggressively pursue overseas expansion through appointment of dealer network for our own branded products. Singapore itself has a strong branding. This, along with our latest E50 recognition, we know will be able to jump start our business plan with much lesser effort yet reaping better results. We will also open ourselves up for more business opportunity and partnership that will warrant a mutually win-win situation.

RE & S Enterprises
John Yek, CEO

THE first pillar is the expansion of our existing concepts. The second pillar is through M&A. The third pillar of our growth is really to enhance our existing stores in order to further improve or enhance our dining experience for the customer.

Exceltec Property Management
Koh Hock Seng, Managing Director

MOVING forward, Exceltec plans to further develop our competitive edge by investing in innovation and technologies and up-skilling our people. We will continue to benchmark ourselves against the best to improve our systems, processes, and operations. Exceltec will also concentrate on regional expansion, as we see revenue from overseas markets playing a key role in our next phase of growth. Beyond that, Exceltec will be looking into acquisition or collaboration with industry partners to build complementary niches that further enhance our business.

KPP Packaging
Josephine Low, Director

I WOULD be happy to share this recognition with our business partners. They deserve to share this story with us. It would also be a platform for us to have even bigger business partners, such as MNCs.